What are Facebook Community City Guides?

Billions of people use Facebook every day to connect and build communities. It is these community leaders who help bring the world closer together, one connection at a time.

On this website you will find city guides, which have been created by people who have built communities, about their home cities, using Facebook Groups. All the recommendations and words are those of the people who run the local Groups, giving their unique local perspectives about the things they love in their city.


The Guides

Bordeaux, France

English Guide | French Guide

Copenhagen, Denmark

English Guide | Danish Guide

Istanbul, Turkey

English Guide | Turkish Guide

Kraków, Poland

English Guide | Polish Guide

Leipzig, Germany

English Guide | German Guide

Lisbon, Portugal

English Guide | Portuguese Guide

Lyon, France

English Guide | French Guide

Porto, Portugal

English Guide | Portuguese Guide

Seville, Spain

English Guide | Spanish Guide

St Petersburg, Russia

English Guide | Russian Guide

Stuttgart, Germany

English Guide | German Guide

Zurich, Switzerland

English Guide | German Guide