Facebook is home to millions of communities for thousands of different interests and causes. In Europe alone, over 40 million people are part of a group that is meaningful to them. These groups are teeming with stories of real people exploring and discovering all that life has to offer, both within themselves and out in the real world, in the places they call home.

The Facebook Community City Guides initiative is focused on co-creating and publishing a series of curated Community City guides with unique and inspiring content brought to life by these local Facebook Groups. Each guide compiles a collection of best tips and recommendations for the city’s most exhilarating experiences. Everyone has a passion and a local best-kept secret to share, whether it is a fascination with quirky art or design, a love of exotic street food or eccentric cafes, interesting neighbourhoods, or fun flea markets. What they all share in common is their unconditional love for their home city.

Whether you are travelling, visiting, or planning to settle down in one of these cities, Facebook Community City Guides will walk you through the city’s hidden streets, take you to unusual places, and help you discover new experiences you won’t soon forget.