“Abidjan is the sweetest city in the world”. This popular slogan has proven itself true for several years now in Côte d’Ivoire and throughout all of Francophone Africa.

It’s with great pleasure that Facebook offers this city guide that will allow this popular expression to resonate even further. A true declaration of love from its inhabitants and those visiting the economic capital of Côte d’Ivoire, “Abidjan is the sweetest city in the world” also expresses the joyful energy of this city, which is a reference to West Africa, both for its economic vitality and for its cultural wealth.

In line with Facebook’s commitment to support the communities that are the lifelines of our societies, this guide, to just some of Abidjan’s must-see locations, was made to provide Ivorian Facebook groups and influencers an opportunity to share with us everything that gives this city its special flavour.

As they say in Côte d’Ivoire: “Those who know, win; and those who don’t, don’t lose!” In other words, thanks to the generosity of these groups who will take us around the city, Abidjan will no longer be unknown to those of us who have never been, and even more familiar for those who have.

This guide is an invitation to travel, to discover and to get to know “Babi”, as the city is called by those who know it well. It earns its reputation thanks to its gastronomy, its culture, and its incomparable energy. 

Olivia Nloga, Facebook Communication Manager for Francophone Africa