A community mindset

In Abidjan, you will notice a sense of community spirit, which includes mutual aid and solidarity initiatives. Facebook groups such as “Les Zinzins du Bonheur” (in English: Crazy about spreading joy) and “Bénévoles de premiers secours” (in English: The First Aid Volunteers) bring thousands of people together to help respond to humanitarian needs. These community values have even led to entire neighbourhoods being renovated, such as the Abobo commune or the village of Abobo Baoulé, transforming them into places with unique personalities that are worth visiting.

Facebook group: “Les Zinzins du Bonheur” (Crazy about spreading joy)

The members of this Facebook group reach out to help the most disadvantaged, but always with joy, good humour and dancing. On their Facebook page, which has 22,300 members, you can see the various actions they carry out daily, from collecting donations to raising awareness on environmental issues. The Zinzins are everyday heroes motivated by the idea of donating their time individually and the strength of collective efforts.

Facebook group: “Bénévoles de premiers secours” (First Aid Volunteers)

With more than 290,000 members, the First Aid Volunteers are now a reference in the humanitarian field. Every day, many of its members don’t hesitate to come to the rescue of those in need. For them, “carrying good acts is not a choice, but a civic duty”. Thanks to the mobilisation they’ve been able to achieve on social media, they manage to collect funds to pay for the care of sick children.

Facebook group: “Les enfants d’Abobo(The Children of Abobo)

This group brings together the inhabitants of the Abobo commune and those who have lived in this commune, which happens to be one of the most disadvantaged in Abidjan. On the group’s page, members freely post information about the commune, flashbacks, photos and stories.

Abobo is Zo

Launched in July 2020, “Abobo est Zo“, which is an expression that means “Abobo is beautiful”, is the name of this initiative to rehabilitate this commune of Abidjan, labelled as having difficult living conditions. This initiative has allowed Abobo to change their image for the better, becoming a temple of street art made in Africa, where one can now admire walls and facades filled with a range of colours and graffiti art, some signed by the popular painter Obou.

Abobo Baoulé, the model village

Located between the communes of Abobo and Cocody, Abobo Baoulé is a small village full of charm with its flower-filled roundabouts and beautiful public gardens. Its inclusive and sustainable development model has become a reference for other villages in the country.

The DJ Arafat Intersection

Cocody Angré 7th section

The DJ Arafat intersection is a place of cultural pilgrimage in Abidjan. It’s in this place that fans of the music star DJ Arafat, who tragically died in a motorcycle accident in August 2019, come to gather. His community of fans, who call themselves “Les Chinois“, have not forgotten him and regularly come to pay tribute to one of the biggest names in Ivorian music.