Nouchi slang dictionary

Nouchi is Ivorian slang. It’s a mixture of French, and words and expressions from local languages spoken in other West African countries. Some popular Nouchi words have even made it into the Larousse dictionary.


Barre fils1,500 CFA Francs

BeouLeaving; getting out of there

Ça ment pasIt’s good quality

Chui bôrô I am happy

CôcôLeeching off of someone or something

Coyi He is gone

Dabali Food

Dal Hunger / hungry

Danhéré He is strong

Dêmin-dêmin/Grouiller, grigraWorking hard /Grinding / Hustling

Dibi-dibiSuspicious / sketchy

Dja He’s dead

Djassa The market

Enjaillé I am amazed / satisfied

EnjaillementParty / Fun / Entertainment

Etre dans painHaving worries, problems

Etre enjailléExtremely happy

Etre piqué/ moisi/ TchassBeing in a precarious financial situation / without money

Faire un atalakouPraising

Faroter/se blôfer/se lakaShowing off, being clever

Fo gbayé To talk

Fo le Kpokpo You have to talk to him

Fo le Wélé You should call him

Fo mé couman Talk to me

Fo té po Sit down


GaouNaive / Green

GbasserPut you under a spell / enchanting

Gbè est mieux que draEven hurtful truth is better than shame.

Gbé He is full (after having ate) / satisfied / rich (in some cases)

Gbon5,000 Francs

Gomie The young girl

Il a Douff He is deceased / dead

Il a le jeton/Il a le djaiHe has a lot of money / He has the cash

KessiaWhat’s up?



krangba/popodipoI am sitting down and have no intention of moving.

Krika1,000 CFA Francs

Mon Djai My money

MoussoMy Wife / Sweetheart

On se dit les gbês We speak frankly to each other

Plomb/Togo 100 CFA Francs

PotoEating greedily with your fingers

Prendre draTo suffer the consequences of one’s actions

Se gnépéGetting drunk

SiriTo catch, to seize


Taper poteauFail

Togo cinquante 150 CFA Francs

Tu es dans mes Kpakites/DentsI am madly in love with you

Un gouminA heartache

Y’a draThere is a major issue

Y’a foye/Y’a fo/Y’en a de fologoNothing new / All is well

Yé si fan (de toi) I like you

Ye si Kalé/Voilà moi Here I am / This is me

Yé si poI’m sitting down

ZangoWell dressed

Zouker dans le jeton de quelqu’un/ Bouffer, vaper, daba ou badou le jeton de quelqu’unSpending or wasting someone’s money / Taking full of advantage


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