Out on the town

The city of Abidjan is constantly bubbling and known as the capital of Francophone Africa when it comes to lively parties. Fans of the Zouglou* music genre will find their happiness at the venue named Internat, while reggae fans will enjoy Parker Place. Finally, the trendiest will want to go to the LifeStar nightclub to party until dawn, dancing to the rhythm of the coupe décalé* music genre.

ZOR Facebook Group (“Zouglou Ou Rien” or in English “Zouglou or nothing”)

More than 24,000 members are united in this group dedicated to Zouglou music. With its joyful rhythms and socially conscious lyrics, Zouglou is at the heart of urban Ivorian music. In this group, you will find information on upcoming events, but also the latest news on celebrities from this music scene. A mix of good vibrations that makes you want to party.

The Pharmacy

Boulevard Giscard d'Estaing in Koumassi

The Pharmacy is a cocktail bar with an original concept. Shots served in syringes, waitresses dressed as nurses, this place is just what the doctor ordered. The bar is also well known for its excellent cocktails with a selection of more than 20 types of whiskies, gins, and vodkas.


Riviera Bonoumin, carrefour Djédjé Mady

The RooPh just happens to be the name of one of the best rooftop lounge areas in Abidjan. In this cosy and classy atmosphere, you’ll be able to enjoy its magnificent terrace overlooking the rooftops of Abidjan while sipping on one of their delicious shots. The cocktail bar is something not to be missed with its exceptional spirits, syrups, and cocktails with original recipes. Before you leave, you absolutely have to try the delicious plantation rum created from a home-made recipe. A memorable experience.

Parker Place

Paul Langevin Street

In Babi, reggae lovers meet up at Parker Place, which is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The dance floor has a relaxed atmosphere. The line-ups are always unique and live sessions are organised regularly.

The Bloom

Rue des Jardins in Cocody

This is the bar and restaurant that has Abidjan buzzing. A beautiful blend of lifestyle and culture in an ultra-stylish setting with cosy sofas, plants, and a great cocktail bar. Here, people come to enjoy after-work drinks or parties in a lively atmosphere. As for the music, you can count on a line-up that includes the best of Afro pop. Don’t worry if you start getting hungry; it won’t be long before you enjoy their mouth-watering tapas platters. Nothing but joy.

La Cour Royale

Cocody Angré, voie de la Djibi

Want to enjoy a refreshing drink while listening to Zouglou music with your feet in the sand? Then go straight to La Cour Royale, a nightclub always open and waiting for nothing more than you. Here, live acts bring to life Zouglou or Rumba music that will keep you dancing until dawn. To steer you through this experience, you will find talented artists setting the dance floor on fire. The sand, the bar-cabana, and the coloured lights will immediately put you in a festive mood.

The Paon

Riviera 3, carrefour du Lycée Américain

In addition to its innovative cuisine, The Paon restaurant (Paon being the French word for Peacock) offers festive live performances from Zouglou and Congolese Rumba music artists. You can also enjoy African or European dishes, comfortably sitting in the lounge sofas. To top it off, this magical and welcoming setting hosts an exotic garden where peacocks roam freely.

The Internat

Yopougon, Niangon Sud on the right

The Internat is the temple when it comes to Zouglou music. Here, you can be sure the party will be lively. This outdoor maquis area will welcome you with its warm, music-filled atmosphere. Every Sunday, you can attend an exceptional show with some of the best artists in the country. If you’re lucky enough, you might even meet the stars of Zouglou such as Magic System or “Yodé and Siro”.

Life Star

Avenue Chardy in the Plateau

Life Star is one of the trendiest nightclubs in the city. On the dance floor, all of Abidjan comes together in a glamourous atmosphere. The dress code: chic and glamorous, as here you will find the best of the best of Abidjan’s high class. The line-up is excellent with renowned DJs scheduled to play. An absolute must-see, not to be missed if you want to keep sweet memories of Abidjan-by-night.

Pullman Hotel

Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga in Plateau

This is where Abidjan’s trendiest after-works are held. On the line-up, DJs and cocktails on a magnificent terrace overlooking the Ebrié Lagoon. You can meet the best of the best of Abidjan in a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere. The Pullman also offers atypical experiences, such as private showcases with artists, arty aperitifs, and creative workshops.