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From maquis (open-air restaurants) to gourmet restaurants, there’s plenty to enjoy in Abidjan. You can taste the traditional fish and Attiéké of the city at Miss Zahui’s or enjoy a unique dining experience at Le Toit d’Abidjan. Abidjan is also the home of innovative café concepts, such as the Bushman Café or Villa Thoannyd, where culture reigns. You’ll also find Migrations, a socially committed restaurant, which allows you to enjoy a good meal and do a good deed all at the same time.

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Restaurant Migrations

29 Avenue Jean Mermoz, in the street behind the Goethe Institute

Eating and being absorbed into the surroundings at the same time is possible at Migrations thanks to renowned chef Loïc Dablé. Located in the heart of Panaf, this third place pan-African culinary experience is a new restaurant concept. The cuisine is creative, ethical, and socially committed. Migrations has an important social mission and promotes the integration of young and former migrants. Here you can enjoy a good meal while contributing to the training of the staff. Low prices guaranteed. There won’t be a reason for you not to love it.

The Bushman café

Cocody Riviera 3, route de M'pouto

More than just a simple café, Bushman is a new concept. This blended living space combines restaurant, hotel, boutique shop and even exhibition spaces. A favourite destination for those who love to go on nice strolls, enjoy cultural activities, and treat their taste buds. The restaurant offers a great menu with a lot of choices, including fresh and gourmet products. And for the art lover in you, you’ll be able to enjoy it surrounded by décor worthy of an art gallery. This place is truly a treat for all your senses, which you won’t want to miss.

Le Toit d’Abidjan

Cocody – Sofitel Ivoire 8, Boulevard Hassan II

Nestled away on the 23rd floor of the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire tower building, the Toit d’Abidjan offers an exceptional panoramic view of the city. But it owes its reputation to its fine dining experience, which does not hesitate to combine Ivorian flavours with French gourmet cuisine. On the menu, you’ll find a rack of lamb in an almond crust, vegetable tian and jeera (cumin) water or beetroot carpaccio with wasabi butter. A real journey for the senses.

Miss Zahui

Cocody Riviera Palmeraie

At Miss Zahui’s, you can enjoy one of the best made “Fish Attiéké Alloco”, an emblematic dish in Côte d’Ivoire, made up of grilled fish, grated cassava and plantain banana. At Miss Zahui’s, the food is tasty and the atmosphere authentic. Here you can choose your fish while it is still swimming in the tank, how it will be cooked, and even make your own seasoning. Welcome to Abidjan.


25 Rue du Canal in Zone 4

The Parenthèse restaurant is a space where you can get away from it all and quickly find yourself in the middle of green plants and classy decorations. One of the main attractions of this great setting is the huge bay window overlooking the lush plants. This sudden immersion into nature will set the tone for you to fully enjoy their delicious dishes, presented in a sophisticated and original way.


Paul-Langevin Street in Zone 4, adjacent to Parker Place

No doubt about it, you will absolutely love Jay’s. An outdoor bar and grill that offers a friendly atmosphere and portions that are just as generous. Jay, the chef and soul of the restaurant, is an attraction in his own right. A passionate creative chef with a Rasta look, he cooks with feeling according to the ingredients available but also according to the desires of the customers to whom he offers personalised dishes. At Jay’s, they don’t skimp on the quality of the products. Seafood and meat lovers will not be disappointed.

Villa Thoannyd

Cocody Angré 7ème Tranche

At Villa Thoannyd, you’ll find fine dining, African art and culture all in one place. A place of great tranquillity and beauty, it’s easy to note that art is a central theme here, with a building covered in traditional African designs. The Villa offers a terrace, a lovely patio with a swimming pool and a lounge area for relaxing. In the restaurant you can enjoy 100% African dishes. In short, the sweet life.

Saakan Restaurant

Avenue Chardy in Plateau

Located on the edge of the lagoon in Plateau, the Saakan restaurant offers excellent African cuisine. The chef, Christelle Vougo, appropriates African flavours with creativity and originality. You’ll simply melt in front of her yam and tuna Napoleon. The setting is modern and trendy with subtle hints of African culture. It is simply impossible to resist the charm of the waitresses in their traditional outfits.

Chez Tantie Alice

Riviera Palmeraie

Are you yearning for a good plate of fish and Attiéké? Then Auntie Alice (or in French: Tantie Alice) is here to welcome you into her restaurant, famously known for this exact dish. Each meal is cooked with love and quality products. Fresh fish and ingredients, Tantie Alice does not skimp on anything and knows how to concoct other Ivorian dishes just as well. A maquis (common name in the region for outdoor restaurants) with an authentic atmosphere that is a sensation in itself.

Chez Tantie Aba

Riviera Palmeraie before Hotel Belle Côte

Located in Cocody Palmeraie, Auntie Aba (or in French: Tantie Aba) is one of the best spots to feast on a good plate of fish and Attiéké. Here, the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, keeping the mystery of its unique flavour. On the menu, fresh fish, simmered sosso fish, and quality seasonings. An ideal place to have lunch with family, friends or even alone. This very popular spot can get a little crowded, so it might be best to go a little early.


Bonoumin Riviera

If you are a meat lover, then O’sogo is the place to be to share a great meal in a good ambiance. Located next to Abidjan Mall, O’sogo has made meat its specialty. Whether grilled, in soup or choukouya* style, all preparations are possible. To accompany your gourmet plate of pork, beef, or sheep, don’t hesitate to try their home-made juices and cocktails. Pineapple-ginger to passion-lemon, there’s a flavour for everyone.