Group. Noun [ɡruːp]. A number of people forming a whole and defined by a common trait.

1 billion people use Groups on Facebook. This feature enables them to connect with others, to learn, share, start something for themselves and help each other. Pages and Events are wonderful tools to build communities and unite people around what matters to them.

Whatever the focus of their interest, or the cause or passion they are dedicated to, these are places of discussion and sharing. Groups also offer users an original way to explore places they know little or nothing about.

Whether you’re from Bordeaux, chose to settle there or just came to visit the city, our guide will take you through its streets, its most unusual places, its restaurants and bars and its must-see cultural sites. Bordeaux the elegant, the vibrant, the modern, as seen by its locals and their communities.

Now, it’s your turn to discover its many faces in your own way.

Welcome to Bordeaux
The Facebook Team