Lend a hand

By Wanted Community Bordeaux

The group ‘Wanted Community Bordeaux’ has more than 133,000 members. More than a mere classified advertisement page, it is a place of mutual assistance. It is with the same goal that the community recommends five key venues where people endeavour to make a positive impact on society.

Le Wanted Café

2 Rue Des Douves

The Wanted Café was born out of the desire of the founders and members (1 million) of the Wanted Community, a mutual assistance community, to build a welcoming space designed to encourage people to meet, connect, and share. With market-fresh food served at lunch and dinner time, and coffee, tea, and pastries – every month, Wanted Café donates 2% of their profits to a local association. Additionally, the café serves a free meal to someone in need for every 10 meals ordered.

Le marché Des Douves

4 Rue Des Douves

This former market of the Capuchins District was converted into a house dedicated to the life of the community. This facility is run by an association, La Halle des Douves. Steeped into the spirit of the district, it aims to encourage collaborations, mutual assistance, and offers various events open to all and free of charge.

La jardin pêcheur

1 Quai Armand Lalande

This refined brasserie famous for its outstanding hospitality is unique in the sense that 80% of its employees are disabled. The restaurant serves a seasonal cuisine featuring fresh, locally sourced produce, while offering excellent value for money. In this vibrant eatery, you can also participate in dinner-shows, attend live concerts, or discover exhibitions.

Le Garage Moderne

1 Rue Des Étrangers

Located near Quai Bacalan, Le Garage Moderne is a community-run cultural place. People go there to repair or restore their car or bike with the assistance of a mechanic. Since they do the work themselves, the prices are much cheaper than in conventional garages. This place like no other is also a melting pot where people from different backgrounds gather in for exhibitions, small concerts and varied artistic performances.

L’Atelier Remuménage

6 Rue Jules Guesde

In order to combat exclusion in all its forms, strengthen social cohesion, and protect the environment in Gironde, this association uses biogas trucks and bikes to help people from the wider Bordeaux and the whole region move house without damaging the planet, and at rates adapted to everyone’s means. L’Atelier Remuménage also offers services like pick-up and delivery and last-mile delivery with cargo bikes. In addition, it salvages and sells recycled moving boxes!