Chapter 6: Feel like visiting the eco-friendly Bordeaux

By « Les Apéros Ecolos de Bordeaux » (Bordeaux’s green aperitifs)

These aperitifs give people the opportunity to talk about environment-related topics in a straightforward, uncomplicated way. As Bordeaux is packed with eco-friendly places, the community had no problem coming up with five destinations it recommends wholeheartedly.

AU NOUVEAU MONDE | 2 rue des Boucheries

A pub-brewery run by French Canadians could hardly go unnoticed in the streets of Bordeaux, right? People from the area go there to have an – organic – home-brewed beer of the highest quality, treat themselves to a steak or veggie burger, French fries and poutine, and above all to put the world to rights at any time of the day or night!

SUPERCOOP | 19 rue Oscar et Jean Auriac

A cooperative supermarket whose owners are also customers, and the other way around! Every month, each cooperator donates three hours of their time to the shop. In addition to the household essentials, you’ll find a large choice of organic (but not only) products, loose items, wine, natural cosmetics, etc. You might also make some wonderful encounters while filling the shelves or working the cash register.

NATURÔME | 7 Impasse Saint-Jean

In this venue dedicated to natural health, you can consult naturopaths and many other professionals for a massage, an energy therapy, etc. A soothing atmosphere pervades every corner of this lovely, ecologically renovated venue. The sauna, that helps you unwind while eliminating body toxins, is particularly worth the visit. You will leave it relaxed and ready to conquer the world!

LE BURO DES POSSIBLES | 2 rue Planterose

A place as cozy as can be, where you can work in the Working Café section or have lunch, a snack, take part in a workshop or buy and sell clothes… The three women who founded the Buro have taken eco-friendliness a step further: green electricity, composting of organic waste, vegetarian diet made of organic and locally sourced products … with the bonus of their communicative cheerfulness!


A public institution that raises awareness of environmental issues and sustainability through an array of fun and instructive tools: exhibitions, hands-on workshops, encounters, excursions, conferences, projections. All the events on the program are free of charge, so that the largest number can embark on a process of ecological transition.