The Brussels Community Guide reflects Facebook’s mission to give people the power to build communities and interact with each other. We hope this guide will help people (re)discover Brussels and connect with the vibrant and active communities that exist in this city.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made the Brussels Community Guide possible:

The Facebook communities, without whom this guide could never have seen the light of day. They shared with us their knowledge of Brussels and their incredible personal stories, making this guide invaluable and unique.

Emily Waterfield, the editor. She helped make sense of all the input and recommendations and take the reader on a wonderful trip through the city of Brussels.

Olivia Whitworth, the illustrator. She perfectly captured and conveyed the culture and the heritage of this city.

Philip Tregunna, the designer and photographer. With his creative eye, he brought all the elements of this guide together into a product that catches the reader’s attention and inspires., Brussels’ tourist agency, a partner that offered crucial support to this initiative.

Handy.Brussels and the European Youth Forum, who also offered partnership support to this Guide.

The recommendations presented in this guide do not originate from Facebook’s teams. All of them were suggested by the Brussels-based administrators of Facebook groups and pages.