As the capital of the European Union and of a country with three official languages, Brussels is the international city par excellence. More than one in three inhabitants of Brussels are not Belgian. With a population of more than 1 million, this truly multicultural city offers a wide range of activities, from visiting more than 100 museums to walking around the green spaces that cover over 11% of the Brussels region.

Brussels is not only worth knowing for its multilingualism, Belgian fries and chocolate. The city also has a lot of hidden sites and undiscovered spots waiting to be seen.

Some 1 billion people are members of Facebook groups. These groups help people connect with each other, learn new things, exchange ideas and help out. They also offer people the opportunity to discover places they knew little about or didn’t even know existed.

This Brussels Community Guide opens the door to recommendations and tips of the community leaders who run these groups, offering a local perspective on the vibrant capital of Belgium.

Whether Brussels is your home or you are visiting, whether you have worked in the city for years or are embarking on a new life, this Guide will help you find your own Brussels.

From language exchanges in cafes to theatre groups and food discoveries, get ready to experience the city as recommended by locals who know and love it.

Welcome to Brussels, we hope you have a great time!