Whether your idea of a good time is a nice game of petanque with a glass of rose, a wild mushroom hunt, a wintery swim in the harbour, or anything in between, Copenhagen’s Facebook communities are teeming with expert insight into activities, hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences. In this guide, the people of Copenhagen share much more than just their knowledge. They also invite you to join in on the city’s bustling activity and diverse array of communities.

To me, Copenhagen is a city like no other. Not just because of its beautiful buildings, the pristine harbour and the many green areas – but in particularly as a result of the vibrant urban life and communities flourishing in every corner of the city. It’s the people who live here that create the magic that makes Copenhagen so special.

In Copenhagen you will experience a pulsating capital, a patchwork of cosy local environments that each holds their own unique charm as well as a wealth of scenic nature with forests, parks and bodies of clean water. This rich tapestry offers unique opportunities that locals discover and discuss in Facebook groups, where they share their best fishing spots, fascinating works of architecture, and tips on local favourites in the various boroughs. We’ve put together the best of those tips in this guide.

They are for you visiting from abroad, for Danes visiting the capital, and for Copenhageners on the lookout for new inspiration. They are personal recommendations from people born and raised in the neighbourhood, or from people who have lived in Copenhagen long enough to know about some of the hidden gems you might not find in traditional travel guides.

So get ready to experience Copenhagen as recommended by the locals! We hope you will have a great time.

Tine Kastrup-Misir
Director of Communication – Wonderful Copenhagen

The pictures in this guide are taken by photographer Astrid Maria Rasmussen.