Architecture, design and creativity

by Arkitektforeningen København

Historic buildings and modern architecture stand side by side in Copenhagen. Shining stars of the architectural world have shaped the city and given rise to Copenhagen’s many unique communities. Let these creative communities guide you through a parade of unique experiences, from dazzling architecture to cosy flea markets.

The city’s architecture

This group shares its passion for the city’s architecture and uncovering hidden architectural must-sees. Members dole out their recommendations and photos of architectural experiences.

Grundtvigs Kirke

På Bjerget 14B, 2400 København

A visit to Grundtvigs Kirke (Grundtvig’s Church) offers the experience of extraordinary architecture as it was built with five million bricks formed by hand. You are always welcome to visit the church during its opening hours, or you can take a guided tour. This unique church is definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in architecture.


Refshalevej 96, 1432 København

Noma is a total experience, featuring all the best of design, architecture and gastronomy. The restaurant caters to all the senses, but you have to plan well in advance if you’re hoping for a table at this world-famous establishment.

The innovative Copenhagen

by Kreative Kræfter:: København:: Håndværk/ Arkitektur/ Rum/ Kunst

This group brings together creative people seeking to collaborate across different cultural and artistic fields. It’s a community of artists, craftspeople, architects, photographers, designers and many more who eschew traditional categories. The group suggests these creative experiences in Copenhagen:

Brunch and ballet

Kongens Nytorv 9, 1050 København K

The Royal Danish Theatre offers guests the opportunity to watch the ballet company’s morning practice over a cup of piping hot coffee. Brunch and coffee are served by the renowned bakery Meyers and can be purchased in the cafe from 9:00am. Let yourself be enchanted and amazed by the technical skills of the dancers and their work on the bar after a good Copenhagen breakfast in the cafe.

Copenhagen Contemporary (museum of modern art)

Refshalevej 173A, 1432 København

At Copenhagen’s new art centre, you can experience international installation art created by world famous contemporary artists. The art centre is located in the flourishing creative district around Refshaleøen, which combines first-class gourmet restaurants with small entrepreneurial initiatives that invite you to bath in the canals, enjoy a sauna, or dabble in the art of drinking wine. You can also visit Reffen, one of Copenhagen’s best food markets.

Københavnstrup (flea market and street food)

Lundebakken 1, 2400 København

Københavnstrup might just be Copenhagen’s cosiest flea market. This outdoor market is surrounded by tall maple trees, creating a unique atmosphere. You’ll find swings for the kids and an outdoor food court where you can buy tasty dishes from food trucks.

Historical must sees

by Det Gamle København før år 2000

This group is for all those who have lived in Copenhagen or on the adjacent island of Amager, and people who are interested in the buildings and history of Copenhagen. Members share old memories and pictures and discuss the city’s development. The group values historical tradition, and all photos are dated with the year and source. In the following, you can read the group’s suggestions for historic experiences in Copenhagen:


Gothersgade 41, 1123 København

In an idyllic neighbourhood of Copenhagen’s city centre, you’ll find Ostekælderen (The Cheese Cellar). Ostekælderen first opened in 1888 and is the oldest active cheese shop in Copenhagen, where they still have sawdust on the floors and barn lamps hanging from the ceiling. Over the years, the atmosphere and fragrance of Ostekælderen have made it an attraction in Copenhagen. A visit to the city’s cosiest cheese and charcuterie shop offers samples of the cheeses that you never even knew you wanted.


Købmagergade 5, 1150 København

Petitgas is a milliner’s shop that has been located at Købmagergade 5 in Copenhagen’s city centre since the young French milliner Francois Petitgas opened his doors for business on 23 April 1857. A visit to Petitgas is like taking a journey back through time and enjoying a good story.

A.C. Perch’s Tea Shop

Kronprinsensgade 5, 1114 København

A.C. Perch’s Tea Shop, founded in 1835, is a Danish tea shop. Since it’s opening, the family-owned shop has been passed down through the generations. Apart from the electrical lighting inside the shop, the decor is virtually the same as when it opened – for example, the tea is still measured with brass weights on a balance scale. As in the past, the shop only sells tea because the aromas of coffee, chocolate and spices would impact the delicate tea leaves.