Districts and neighbourhoods

by Det sker på Østerbro

Copenhagen is a city with many fascinating neighbourhoods, each of which holds its own unique charm and character. Everywhere you go in the city, you’ll meet local residents who feel a genuine love towards their neighbourhood. Residents of the city’s boroughs join together in Facebook groups where they share details and tips on events in the city’s many small local communities. Here you’ll get some of the best tips these groups have to offer on hidden gems. Enjoy!

A local experience

It can be difficult to be a good neighbour with all the pressures of a busy life. Therefore, the residents of Copenhagen’s Østerbro borough have created a Facebook group dedicated to cultivating a sense of community locally. Here you can stay up-to-date on everything happening in the area, get helpful tips, and be tempted by irresistible offers from local shops.

Bopa Plads

Løgstørgade 8, 2100 København Ø

Bopa Plads (Bopa Square) is one of Østerbro’s secret gems. The square is a hidden meeting place for socialising in the company of friends and friendly souls. The large green trees and cosy cafes help to create an atmosphere that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Park Bio

Østerbrogade 79, 2100 København

A visit to Park Bio cinema gives you the feeling of sitting at home in your living room with a cup of coffee while watching a good film. The cinema is decorated as a cosy living room with armchairs and hand-woven rugs. It’s the perfect place for a casual and enjoyable visit to a one-of-a-kind cinema.


2100 København Ø

Experience a small neighbourhood that only few people know about. You can visit Copenhagen’s first co-op grocer here, which is now a museum, and take in the neighbourhood’s quirky houses and fine details. You’ll discover a truly unique atmosphere and experience by walking around and greeting the residents of this small town in the city.

A Borough Full Of Charm

This group is for all those who have an affinity for Frederiksberg. Members share their good stories, new and old photos, and even search for old friends and acquaintances.

Frederiksberg Have

2000 Frederiksberg

Copenhageners are generally fans of taking their coffee for a walk – and Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Garden) is the perfect place to take a stroll with a cafe latte in hand. In the summer, the lawn at the foot of the castle is a popular meeting place for friends and families, who spread out their picnic blankets and soak in some sunshine. The garden’s cosy niches, islands, fountains and paths combine to create a unique and peaceful atomsphere. In the garden, you can also experience the Chinese Pavilion situated on a small island surrounded by canals. And if you’re lucky, you can catch a free glimpse of the elephants in the adjacent Copenhagen Zoo, which can be seen from the southwestern corner of the garden.

Thiemers bookshop

Tullinsgade 24, 1618 København

Visit an oasis of contemplation and debate with good books in beautiful surroundings, and with a good cup of tea or coffee in hand. This bookshop is known for its Sunday events featuring Denmark’s leading authors speaking on their recently published works. A visit to this bookshop can definitely prove to be an inspiring experience.

Pub quiz at Frederik VI

Frederiksberg Allé 42, 1820 Frederiksberg

At Frederik VI you can combine traditional Danish smørrebrød with a pub quiz. This establishment takes pride in ensuring that everyone feels welcome in an unpretentious and friendly atomsphere. The pub quiz is the perfect place to meet locals from Frederiksberg and for a cosy time on the weekend.

The Borough Of Canals

The residents of Christianshavn started this group in hopes of providing a bulletin board for events and experiences in the local area, where everyone is welcome to post their recommendations and ask questions.

Sofiebadet in Sofiegade

Sofiegade 15, 1418 København

Sofiebadet (the Sofie Bath) in Christianshavn, founded in 1906, was reopened in 2010 by local residents. The dedicated people behind its reopening have sought to preserve many of its fine historic details. Sofiebadet was originally a bathing facility and a washhouse for the poor. Today the bath is open to all and it has a focus on organic and sustainable solutions. A visit to Sofiebadet is an experience rich in history, in surroundings that you won’t find just anywhere.

Freetown Christiania

1440 København

A visit to Christiania is an experience unlike any other. Calling itself a “Freetown”, this green and car-free area is best known for its alternative society and cannabis trade on “Pusher Street”. Here you will discover creative DIY houses of all shapes, sizes and colours, and a handful of organic eateries. Remember that Christiania is much bigger than just Pusher Street – for example, you can take a walk along the ramparts and see the historic self-built houses. Visit the Freetown in accordance with the recommendations on visitcopenhagen.com.

A walk along the canal and harbour

Overgaden Oven Vandet, 1415 København

Christianshavn Canal, known for its active nautical community of many houseboats and sailboats, is the perfect place for a city walk. The borough’s numerous cafes offer plenty of options for getting a cup of coffee to-go – and on a nice sunny day, you’ll see hoards of locals hanging out along the canal. Should you get tired of walking, just jump in a boat and take a canal tour around the city.

Unique Local Experiences

This group brings together all those who love Valby and have an interest in its local community. Many of the group’s members were born and raised in Valby, so they know the borough like the back of their hands. Here they share insightful tips for local and authentic experiences.


Bjerregårdsvej, 2500 København

Enjoy a stroll through Carlsbergkvarteret (the Carlsberg District), where you can experience Jesuskirken (the Jesus Church), the awe-inspiring palace houses, and the half-timbered houses “Frans Schwartz Villa” and “Onkel Toms Hytte” (Uncle Tom’s Cabin). The streets are steeped in history and community, so it’s a good idea to put on a good pair of walking shoes and start exploring the district’s many hidden gems.

Valby kino

Gammel Jernbanevej 40, 2500 Valby

You can also visit this local cinema run by volunteers, which might just have the city’s nicest atmosphere. The cinema shows everything from cult films to blockbusters, and they host events like “duvet cinema” and a film club for children.

Walks and picnics at Vestre Kirkegård

Vestre Kirkegårds Allé 15, 2450 København

It may come as a surprise to many tourists that Copenhageners have a tradition of relaxing and hanging out in cemeteries. But these cemeteries serve as peaceful and beautiful sanctuaries from the commotion of everyday life. In Nørrebro, the centrally located cemetery Assistens Kirkegård is a popular destination for socialising and play. The same is true for Valby’s Vester Kirkegård cemetery, where locals bring their picnic baskets and sit on the lawn in front of the lake. Vestre Kirkegård is also rich in art and culture. For example, make sure to walk along the paths leading to Søndre Kapel (Southern Chapel) and see the artwork consisting of nine-metre-high steel portals reaching towards the four corners of the Earth.