Urban activities

by Copenhagen Insight // Begivenheder & Events i København

There are tons of fun and unique activities in Copenhagen that combine friendly socialising with opportunities to discover the city. Whether you find yourself in Copenhagen on a warm and sunny or a blustery and rainy day, you can explore everything the city has to offer along with the locals. Lace up your shoes and let the local Facebook groups guide you to an eventful and experience-packed day.

Explore the city

The Facebook group Copenhagen Insight was created to share information about events in Copenhagen, and to draw curious and interested Copenhageners out of their homes to enjoy the city’s many activities and events. The group always strives to be up-to-date and to provide a clear and unique overview of activities and events in Copenhagen. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, you’re welcome to be a part of the community. Here are the group’s best tips to fun activities in Copenhagen:

Kayak polo at Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge 18, 2300 København S

The people of Copenhagen seize every chance to take full advantage of the canals that criss-cross through the city. One of the ideas they’ve come up with is kayak polo at Islands Brygge, where you and six others can enjoy a fun and active experience in the clean waters of the canals. Kayak polo is for everyone, and it doesn’t take any special skills to participate. Hop into your swimwear and take a spin in the polo kayaks at Islands Brygge, right next to the harbour bath and the cultural centre.

Sunset at CopenHot

Refshalevej 325, 1432 København

Have you ever seen a sunset from the deck of a sailing spa boat? CopenHot at Refshaleøen offers you the choice of sailing in a spa boat or relaxing in a spa on the waterfront. From the panorama sauna, you can watch the sun set behind the many towers and spires of Copenhagen. CopenHot can be enjoyed throughout the winter – in fact, it just makes the experience all the more unique.

The Culture Tower at Knippelsbro Bridge

Knippelsbro, 1400 København K

Every single day, hundreds of Copenhageners cycle across Knippelsbro Bridge, but not many people know that one of the bridge’s two iconic towers houses exhibitions, a radio cinema, Tower Talks and gastronomic events. The Facebook group Copenhagen Insight recommends enjoying the view of Copenhagen Harbour from the tower at Knippelsbro and visiting the small cafe, where you can meet the friendly local enthusiasts behind the Culture Tower.

Play Petanque And Sip A Glass Of Chilled Rose

The core mission of this group is to arrange and host events for socialising and community building over a game of petanque and a cold glass of rosé. These evening events provide the opportunity for fun, competition, flirting and laughter – and, of course, to enjoy yourself with the rest of the community.

Petanque at Sankt Annæ Plads and rosé from the kiosk

Sankt Annæ Plads, 1250 København K

The 2016 renovation of Sankt Annæ Plads (St. Anne’s Square) included the establishment of a nice petanque court right alongside Amalienborg and Ofelia Plads. Buy a bottle of chilled rosé from Den Gamle Købmand (The Old Grocer) on the corner and borrow a set of petanque boules from Hotel Skt. Annæ, and you’re ready for a cosy evening in a friendly and talkative atmosphere. In the late summer evenings, the court is lit so that you can play into the night.

Play petanque in Kongens Have

1350 København K

Kongens Have is the Copenhagen version of Central Park. Here you’ll meet plenty of Copenhageners relaxing on the lawns in their free time. In Kongens Have you’ll find a petanque court running along Kronprinsessegade, but it’s even better to dally over to the statue of Hans Christian Andersen at the end of Damegangen. Here you can easily make a couple of homemade petanque courts in front of the legendary Danish author with Damegangen at your back. The tall hedge provides a nice setting that feels intimate and cosy, and you’ve also got a bench for your all-important wine breaks.

Off Season Petanque at Generator Hostel

Adelgade 5, 1304 København K

Whether it’s autumn, winter or spring, you can get your petanque fix with Off Season Petanque at Generator Hostel in Adelgade. Here you’ll find four excellent covered petanque courts on their terrace, complete with heat lamps. If you’re lucky, you can combine the experience with their daily Happy Hour at the bar. Or maybe even grab a burger.

Freestyle In The City’s Many Parks

It can be hard to keep track with the latest skate parks being built around Copenhagen. But this Facebook group has found the solution. The idea behind the group is to share tips on where to skate and which skate parks that are definitely worth a visit. If you’re a skater or just interested in a sneak peek into Copenhagen’s young communities, the group recommends visiting these places:

Skate park in Nørrebroparken

Hillerødgade, 2200 København N

The skate park by Hillerødgade in Nørrebro is one of Copenhagen’s most popular. It’s a challenging and fun park for skaters of all levels. Everything at the park is made of concrete, so it’s a good idea to remember your pads and helmets. The park has a variety of ramps for performing tricks. If you’re mostly interested in observing and experiencing the atmosphere of Copenhagen’s underground culture, there are extensive facilities for just hanging out by the graffiti-painted ramps or on the surrounding benches. The shops around the park offer plenty of options for finding something to eat and drink if the urge arises.

Litauens Plads

Litauens Pl.1662 København V

Litauens Plads (Lithuania’s Square) is a gathering place for the local communities of hip Vesterbro and provides a setting for everyday life in the borough. A community of skaters uses the square to take on new challenges and show off their skills. Come and experience the young skaters with the power to fly between heaven and earth. You can also bring along your skateboard and join the fun for a few hours.

Den Røde Plads in Nørrebro

Den Røde Plads, 2200 København N

Visit Den Røde Plads (The Red Square) in Nørrebro for a first-hand experience of Copenhagen’s street environment. Skaters flock here to spend the day surrounded by other people working out, boxing, cycling, or just sunbathing on the square’s remarkable red asphalt. The square’s activity peaks in the summer with street food fairs, cultural events and more. If you get hungry, try a kebab from Boys Shawarma or the ice cream shop on the corner of the square.