You are about to enter the world of Russian theatre – ever-changing, dynamic, and sometimes surreal. We are going to prove to you that the special magic of theatre lives on not only in classical productions, but also in bold experimental shows, which take the narrative beyond the confines of the stage and allow the audience to take part in the performance. We will let you have a sneak peek backstage, and become immersed in the spirit of the theatre’s day-to-day. You will witness the digital development of modern theatre, and see how it is becoming closer to the public.

“While in the 20th century there were playbills, programs, brochures and theatres’ interior and exterior designs that served as their “fronts”, today it is digital platforms, in particular its website and social networks acting as them. They help not only to establish a dialogue with the audience, but also to create brand new formats of performances”, Anton Khitrov, expert of the Golden Mask theatre festival.

Your journey into this world will be guided by the leaders of theatre communities on Facebook: Theatre People, La Personne, Synchronization, Theatre Magazine, and Transformator. They were the ones that shared their expert opinion on various productions, theatres, festivals, and venues that offer unique theatrical experiences both offline and online. Groups like these are the cornerstone of Facebook, where over 1.4 billion users from all over the world use social networking to get together with like-minded individuals and discuss whatever interests them in a private online space.

Theatre communities provide an excellent platform for discussing theatre and following the theatre world. They will not only teach you what drives modern theatre in all its forms, but also help you meet new people that are interested in the same thing, and show how theatre is developing beyond the stage. Theatre communities paint a very dynamic picture of theatre as a form of art, immersing their members into the various aspects of this creative environment.

We hope you enjoy delving into the depths of theatre!

The recommendations presented in this guide do not originate from Facebook’s teams. All of them were suggested by the Russia-based administrators of Facebook groups and pages.

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