Theatre festivals are the perfect option for those who want to experience several theatre projects all at once. They offer a unique opportunity to meet creative teams from all over Russia and the world, enjoy seeing familiar shows all over again and find something entirely new. Our theatre experts from Facebook invite you to dive into this special world.

Golden Mask Festival

The Golden Mask is a national theatre award in Russia covering all genres. Over the span of a year, the expert judging panel watches several hundred productions across the entire country; in spring the shows that were nominated for the award are brought to the festival in Moscow, which gives the audience an excellent opportunity to see the best of domestic theatre in a single city. Apart from the festival proper and the award ceremony, which takes place in the capital, the Golden Mask also arranges tours of nominated shows to different Russian regions.

NET Festival

The NET (New European Theatre) festival offers a unique vision of today’s theatre space. The program is very diverse, including both innovative interpretations of classical drama and multimedia performances staged by the best directors of European theatre’s new wave. The main purpose of the festival is to get the Moscow public better acquainted with modern art.

Territory Fest

Territory Fest proclaims itself as both an international festival and a modern art school, which also focuses on dance. Students of theatre and art colleges from Russia and the former USSR become the festival’s key audience and performers on an annual basis. “Territory Fest is, first and foremost, a school”, the organizers explain. “Our event is meant for people who care, who are curious, who are ready to make creative discoveries and have a poignant and unexpected experience”.

Chekhov Festival

The Chekhov Festival is the oldest international festival in Russia, which introduced international theatres to the Russian public and professional audiences. It focuses on a spectacular entertainment with the motto “theatre for everyone” motto, aiming to make theatre a universally accessible art form. “And, of course, it is very important for the theatre community to find the things they need as professionals during the Chekhov Festival; to feel that they are part of the global theatre process”.

Lubimovka Festival

The Lubimovka Festival features an annual selection of new plays by both aspiring and well-established Russian-speaking authors. The shortlisted plays are presented to theatre professionals and the general public during director readings. After each reading the festival hosts encourage the authors, theatre experts and the audience to discuss the play.

Ploschadka 8/3, Moscow

Ploschadka 8/3 (the 8/3 Space) is the headquarters of the Union of the Independent Theatres of Russia that opened its doors in October 2019. The project team compares this space to a food court where the audience can “sample” various types of theatre. It hosts 11 troupes including the Liquid Theatre, Russia’s first site-specific theatre, which started performing in factories and railway station buildings back in the early 2000s, before it became mainstream; the 18+ Theatre, the first independent modern drama venue in Rostov-on-Don, which now intends to make tours to Moscow; and the Lubimovka Young Russian Playwrights Festival, which turns 30 this year and has focused on supporting the new generations of playwrights throughout its history.