Educational Resources

Want to know even more about the world of theatre? Check out some of the educational resources recommended by Facebook’s theatre groups.

The Flying Critic Community

This resource was created by theatre critics Oksana Kushlyaeva and Tatyana Dzhurova, who regularly visit regional theatres, attend premieres all across Russia and record their experience in a digital diary.

School for the Contemporary Viewer and Listener, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow

The project runs from a lecture hall in the theatre’s foyer. The community publishes lectures, engages in debates and talks about the theatre’s events.

TASS project

This is a virtual 360° tour around theatres of Russia – the very first one (Drama Theatre named after F. Volkov, Yaroslavl), the most aristocratic one (Alexandinskyi Theatre, Saint Petersburg) and the largest one (Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre).

The Sufler (Prompter) theatre app

The Prompter is a free app that helps users make sense of Moscow’s playbills. It suggests which shows to watch, using information about which productions the user found especially memorable in the past, and helps buy the best tickets before they are sold out.

The Theatre To Go magazine’s official blog

An online magazine for readers who want to know all there is to know about theatre. It publishes the latest news, reviews and interviews.

The Sdvig performance venue, St. Petersburg

The Sdvig (Shift) studio of performing arts is a small venue that is located in St. Petersburg and is currently run by a team of four artists. It offers physical practice – yoga and modern dance – in addition to a variety of workshops, lectures and concerts. The main purpose of the project is to educate people on dance and performance, which often turns the venue into an experimental hub.

We hope that you have enjoyed your journey as much as we enjoyed hanging out with the theatre community!