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With contributions of the “sanat mecmuası” group

Akbank Sanat

Istiklal Street No: 8 34435 Beyoğlu

Akbank Sanat is the art center founded by Akbank in 1993. One of the most important art venues of Istanbul, the center has led its course to contemporary art since 2003. It organizes over 1000 events throughout the year including exhibitions, interviews, conferences, film screenings and concerts, and hosts many major events such as Akbank Jazz Festival, Akbank Children’s Theater, Akbank Short Film Festival and Contemporary Istanbul.

Ara Güler Museum – AGM

Historic Bomonti Beer Factory Birahane Street No:1 Bomonti

The works and negatives of the famous photographer as well as his notes, personal belongings, cameras, press cards and collections are exhibited at the Ara Güler Museum, which is located in Yapı Kredi bomontiada. The AGM, also a photography museum, is home to photography exhibitions of various artists.


Irmak Street No: 13 34435 Dolapdere-Beyoğlu

A Vehbi Koç Foundation establishment, Arter opened the doors of its new building in Dolapdere in September 2019. The center presented 35 exhibitions to art lovers in its building on İstiklal Street from 2010 to 2018, and also supported production of 183 artworks in the framework of these exhibitions. It shelters performance halls, learning and activity spaces, library, conservation laboratory and an arts bookstore in addition to exhibition galleries in the new building of Arter covering 18,000 square meter indoor area. The opening program of Arter includes the exhibitions “What Time Is It? ”, “Words Are Very Unnecessary”, “Whitish”, “Secret Conference”, “She Waited for a While” and “Celeste Boursier – Mougenot’s off-road v.2”.

Borusan Contemporary

Baltalimanı Hisar Street Perili Köşk No:5 34470 Rumelihisarı-Sarıyer

The Borusan Contemporary Haunted Mansion is established by Borusan to present its Contemporary Art Collection to all art enthusiasts, and over 800 outstanding examples of the collection are exhibited in this building. In addition to the exhibitions of artists from all around Turkey and the world, there are events, educational activities, new commissions and site-specific installations at Borusan Contemporary, which focuses on the “Media Art” and accepts visitors only on weekends. You can see the artworks of major representatives of international art such as Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt and Jim Dine in this space where the office-museum experience is presented.

Istanbul Modern

Asmalımescit District Meşrutiyet Street No:99 34430 Beyoğlu

Istanbul Modern, the first modern and contemporary art museum of Turkey, welcomes art enthusiasts in this temporary venue located in Beyoğlu. The museum, which was founded in 2004 and hosts interdisciplinary activities, presents its own collection as well as hosting temporary exhibitions. The museum was home to many exhibitions including the 15th Istanbul Biennial, Fahrelnissa Zeid collection, Anthony Cragg’s “Human Nature” exhibition, İnci Eviner Retrospective, Erol Akyavaş’s Retrospective exhibition, “Hüseyin Çağlayan: 1994-2010”, Cihat Burak Retrospective and Sarkis’ “ Site ”exhibition.

Pera Museum

Asmalı Mescit Meşrutiyet Street No:65, 34430 Beyoğlu

Established by Suna & İnan Kıraç Foundation in 2005, the Pera Museum has displayed works of famous artists around the world such as “Jean Dubuffet”, “Henri Cartier-Bresson”, “Rembrandt”, “Niko Pirosmani”, “Josef Koudelka”, “Joan Miró”, “Akira Kurosawa”, “Marc Chagall”, “Pablo Picasso”, “Fernando Botero”, “Frida Kahlo”, “Diego Rivera”, “Goya” in the major exhibitions it has organized. In addition to temporary exhibitions, the collections which belong to the foundation are displayed in the museum, where periodic programs and events on various branches of art are also organized.

Sakıp Sabancı Museum – SSM

Sakıp Sabancı Street No:42 34467 Emirgan-Sarıyer

The SSM was bequeathed to Sabancı University in 1998 by the Sabancı family to be transformed into a museum and has had its current structure with the annex of a modern art gallery in 2002 and further extension work carried out in 2005. The SSM is now home to rich Arts of the Book and Calligraphy Collection, which includes examples of calligraphy by famous calligraphists and copies of the Koran, and extensive international temporary exhibitions, conservation units, exemplary education programs, various concerts, conferences and seminars. The SSM also organized exhibitions of many leading international artists such as Ai WeiWei, Joan Miró, Anish Kapoor, and Salvador Dali.


SALT Beyoğlu: İstiklal Street No: 136 34430 Beyoğlu<br>SALT Galata: Bankalar Street No: 11 34421 Karaköy

SALT has two buildings in Istanbul, and the Beyoğlu building located on İstiklal Street shelters exhibition galleries and event venues. There are workshops, exhibition galleries and conference areas in the SALT Galata, the former Ottoman Bank building designed by Alexandre Vallauri in the 19th century, which is also home to the Ottoman Bank Museum Collection. Hosting many artists such as Refik Anadol, Naeem Mohaiemen, and Nur Koçak, SALT also welcomes movie lovers to the Thursday Movie activity.

Yapı Kredi Culture & Art

İstiklal Street No: 161 34433 Beyoğlu

Yapı Kredi Culture and Art hosts various exhibitions in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, archeology and culture, and gets together with art enthusiasts at nearly 250 events every year. Serving the public on Istiklal Street since 1992, the center is home to various different works like the Embroidery and Fabric Collection and a Tasbih Collection, the Ethnographic Work Collection, the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, the “Here I Am: Zeki Müren” exhibition, the “Thresholds” exhibition, “Sarmal” which is a selection from the Yapı Kredi collection, and the “I Am Leyla Gencer” session. The center, which has also hosted exhibitions of leading writers and poets from the world of Turkish literature, like Sabahattin Ali, Yaşar Kemal, Özdemir Asaf, Behçet Necatigil, İlhan Berk, Orhan Veli and Haldun Taner, also hosts exhibitions focused on history and archeology like “Hattusa”, “Lydians”, “Aphrodisias”, “The Story of Paper Money from the Empire to the Republic”, “Tombak” and “What are coins telling us?”.