The JoziPlug Community City Guide was created to showcase the beauty of the city, highlight community leaders using our Facebook platform to connect and support local businesses through empowering communities and bringing people together to share knowledge about local hidden attractions found in Johannesburg.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made the Johannesburg Community City Guide possible:

The Facebook communities and local bloggers, without whom this guide could never have been made. They shared with us their knowledge of Johannesburg and their amazing personal stories, making this guide authentic.

Nardstar, the graffiti and mural artist who brought the front and back cover of the guide to life. Perfectly illustrating what Johannesburg is known for.

Neo Mokuene, the photographer. With his creative eye, he brought all the elements of this guide together into a product that catches the reader’s attention and inspires. He also beautifully captured the city’s hustle and bustle in a captivating video explored with Tshepang Mollison local influencer known as Twiggy.

Department of Tourism, a partner that offered crucial support to this initiative and to our commitment to helping Small and Medium Businesses during this challenging time.

The recommendations presented in this guide do not originate from Facebook’s teams. All of them were suggested by the Johannesburg administrators of Facebook groups and pages.