Indulge in Various Festivities

Joburg does its best to be the life and soul of the party, with fun festivities happening all year round. City Skate Tours have listed places you simply can’t miss if you want to have fun!

By City SkateTours

Curiocity Backpackers

A great spot to meet people, both local and foreign, with the best bar in Maboneng. Curiocity Backpackers is Johannesburg’s first inner city backpackers- established in 2013 by Bheki Dube. Curiocity offers multiple activities around the city such as cycle tours, walking tours, penthouse dinners etc. all aiming to give people an opportunity to experience Joburg on a deeper level. As its name implies, Curiocity is all about “connecting the curious”. Book your tour with them at Maboneng.

Home of the Bean

When you read the title, you know that this must be about coffee. And indeed, it is – Home of the Bean is a coffee shop with a small garden area, one of few green spaces in Maboneng, and a great spot to meet local creatives over a cuppa java. Owner Leroy, also a radiographer, loves to educate his patrons about coffee, how and where it’s grown, and the fair trade that goes into creating each brew. He says that creating great coffee is a mixture of art and science. The small, intimate and sophisticated space is housed in what was the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and brims with creatives brainstorming their art and craft.

All patrons who have a loyalty card get a 5% discount on all orders from 8 December 2020 – 22 December 2020.

Home of the Bean

Hallmark House Hotel

With its reputation as the ultimate rooftop in Johannesburg, the 999 Rooftop at Hallmark House Hotel is possibly the best spot to have a long and lazy, bespoke brunch in the city while admiring the spectacular 360° cityscape, especially after doing a skate or cycle tour. While the inner city may not be the most aesthetically pleasing urban area when observed from the ground, views from above are sure to change your perception of just how beautiful Joburg is from the sky – it’s a photographer’s dream.

The City Skate Tours page is a list of my favourite places to go to in the inner city when looking for an urban experience in Joburg; I’m a big fan of urban spaces and love spending time in cities to learn and better understand how people live in them. This city is full of hidden gems and the best way to discover them is by connecting to the people and locals of Johannesburg. Hopefully these recommendations give you a richer and in-depth feel and experience of my city.

Ayanda Mnyandu
City Skate Tours Page Admin
Hallmark House Hotel Rooftop

Untitled Basement

Untitled Basement in Braamfontein is half of a two-in-one venue –  the other half is the restaurant Artivist, and the combination provides you with a great evening of excellent food, art, music and sheer ambience. Decorated in warm colours, the Basement has created a centre stage so that all customers can easily see the performers. The events staged here offer visitors an opportunity to see performances by some of South Africa’s top artists, include Samthing Soweto, Sampa The Great, Urban Village and many more. Altogether a great night spot for live music and or a DJ.

Niks Bar

The new alcohol-free space on Keyes Avenue has been cleverly named Niks Bar – where no alcohol is served, and the word “niks” is Afrikaans for “nothing”. The idea was born when the Covid-19 virus and its attendant ban on booze put many folk in the hospitality industry out of work. It’s a non-profit operation to preserve the livelihood of bartenders and mixologists, and will allow local bartenders to work shifts, take home tips and profit share in the business. A wonderful concept that provides locked-down residents and visitors with a great evening out in a great bar, with no trouble attached.

Niks Bar

The Landmark Cocktail Bar

As its name indicates, the Landmark Cocktail Bar in the Bryanston Shopping Centre bases its cocktail themes around Jozi landmarks. Barmen trawl the streets for landmarks that will inspire cocktails named after them, and the names of the drinks are changed every six months, so no boredom attached here. An impressive menu shows a list of no fewer than 100 cocktails, and the ambience of the bar itself is welcoming and warm, with a fire in winter. It’s an upmarket establishment, so expect prices to be on the high side, but it’s well worth a visit for a special occasion.