Welcome to the city of many names – Johannesburg, Joburg, Jozi, also known by its vernacular name, eGoli, which means the City of Gold. Established in 1886, Jozi is one of South Africa’s largest cities with a population of over 5-million; the city turned 134 years old in October 2020. 

The city is a fantastic destination for travellers as it offers a rich history, diverse cultures, incredible food and amazing nightlife. Whether it’s your favourite destination in SA or not, Jozi is a fascinating city of many aspects, and given some time and energy, you too will be hooked on exploring its vibrant, colourful, bustling streets and markets.

No matter where you’re from, all roads lead to Jozi, the city that never sleeps, offering opportunities to people who visit or live in the city. Local small businesses bring personality and richness to communities, their impact goes beyond creating jobs – they are woven into the fabric of what makes Johannesburg what it is. Let’s help these businesses take charge of their future as they rebuild, re-engineer and recover from this challenging and uncertain year by bolstering tourism.

After a long and lonely Covid-19 lockdown, locals are also emerging into their city, rediscovering the joy of its streets and the intrigue of its vibrant small business community with quality products from throughout the continent. This guide will captivate them as well, whilst showcasing the way to undiscovered pleasures.

On a guided walk, you will experience and enjoy much of what the inner city has to offer and learn more of its history and heritage based on the gold under its streets. Browse its museums and art galleries, spend a Saturday at one of the busy vibrant markets, buy yourself some bright African clothing, try a dish or two of African cuisine, and you’ll be back, we promise.

Now, allow the Facebook groups and members of the Jozi community to ‘plug’ (connect) you to the city’s local hidden attractions and businesses.

Important note: We hope you enjoy safely exploring Jozi using the JoziPlug, with local Covid-19 measures in mind.

Welcome to Jozi!