We have prepared for you a guide to lead you through places where the inhabitants of Krakow eat and where they entertain their guests. We’ll take you to the places whose owners simply love feeding people. We’ll take you to cosy restaurants, to venues tucked away in parks, to beautiful gardens hidden between Krakow’s tenement houses. We shall treat you to great coffee and a cake, show you around the streets of Stary Kleparz, we shall eat dumplings in a milk bar and gourmet meals in a historic tenement house, and in the evening we’ll take you out for a glass of wine and drink many worldclass cocktails together, watching the burlesque at the same time. In short — you can spend the entire day with us!

We, the inhabitants of Krakow, love eating, we’ve been actively involved in the life of local communities and set up FB groups where we inform about upcoming food festivals and suggest where to order a birthday cake. Your guides will be the leaders running Facebook communities: Krakowskie Wieści Spożywcze, Krakowscy Foodies / Jedlingi w Krakowie, Krakowska Kooperatywa Kawowa and Weganie i wegetarianie Kraków, whom we asked about their favourite places in town. Each group is made up of several thousand people and serves as a genuine repository of knowledge about the city’s culinary life.

So join us for a walk through the culinary Krakow, which has been developing so fast lately that it attracted the attention of the European Academy of Gastronomy. And it is precisely on its initiative that the city has been named the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019. And we’ll prove to you that the city does deserve it!

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