Breakfast is serious stuff. Our guides to breakfast Krakow are Katarzyna Płachecka and Karolina Milczanowska, leaders of the Krakowscy Foodies / Jedlingi w Krakowie group.

If you happened to come to Krakow by train, follow your steps to Wesoła Café (Rakowicka 17). In this bustling cafe, you can enjoy breakfast all day long. You can modify the breakfast plate as you like, the servings are generous and the coffee is great. When in Kazimierz, visit Ranny Ptaszek (Augustiańska 5) or take a walk towards the Old Town and sit down at the Mo-ja Cafe & Bistro (Starowiślna 14) to enjoy scrambled eggs, sandwiches or pancakes (also available in vegan version). In Zabłocie, you simply cannot miss out on Bal (Ślusarska 9) hidden in the back of the MOCAK Museum. On weekdays breakfast is served until 11:30, on weekends you don’t have to hurry, as you can get poached eggs or shakshoukas all day long.
Recently, Krakow’s inhabitants have been enjoying breakfast for a penny (if you order coffee). Such an offer is available from Monday to Friday, among others in Nadwiślańska (Nadwiślańska 5) and Międzymiastowa (Dolnych Młynow 10). Please remember that you can also enjoy affordable breakfasts in Krakow’s milk bars (described in the chapter dedicated to Polish cuisine).

Ranny Ptaszek

(Augustiańska 5)

Pink and green walls, lovely copper bar, plants and antique China. This unique, pocketsized eatery serving breakfast and lunch (try some great vegetarian soups!) is run by Kasia and Zosia Pilitowski, a mother and daughter. The menu includes meals inspired by Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, mainly vegetarian, as well as recently enjoyed bowls of goodness full of groats and vegetables. The regulars drop by in here mainly for shakshoukas (with Hungarian sausage for hungry carnivores), sabih and apples in wrappers with Kasia’s handmade jam preserve. Plus delicious coffee from the local roasting house and homemade cakes.


(Barska 4)

Even though the Zaczyn’s breakfast offer is modest and usually boils down to two vegan items, the dishes are perfectly composed. Moreover, you will find here the foundation of a good breakfast, i.e. delicious leavened bread (according to the author of this guide, the best in Krakow). In addition, in Zaczyn you can buy delicious buns and vegan challah and have a cup of coffee. Please note: the bakery is open from Wednesday to Sunday, but there are also holiday breaks, so please check the Zaczyn’s profile on Facebook before visiting. If you want to buy some bread, you should arrive early in the morning or order the day before.