Krakowskie Wieści Spożywcze (Krakow Food News)

Krakowskie Wieści Spożywcze was founded in 2012 by Magda “Manda” Wojcik, the guide’s author. Originally, the community was supposed to be helping to organize a small shopping group that operated from “Manda’s” brother’s garage and to bring together people who are keen on food. The Najedzeni Fest! culinary festival has grown out of these contacts!

At present, the group is led by Marta Oberst, assisted by Agata Eliza. Marta is especially fond of the meatfamous Karakter and vegan sushi in Youmiko. You can meet her queuing for ice cream on Starowiślna Street or sitting over a cup of coffee in Fika.

And, of course, at the Bal in Zabłocie, where she works. She heals her sorrows with potato pancakes in Kalejdoskop, sausages served from the blue “Nysa” van and homemade cuisine in a milk bar.

Krakowscy Foodies / Jedlingi w Krakowie

Katarzyna Płachecka and Karolina Milczanowska, the creators of Jedlingi, are walking encyclopaedias of Krakow’s culinary novelties. They run the portals and Krakow Foodie.

The list of their favourite dishes includes, among others:

Krakowska Kooperatywa Kawowa (Krakow’s Coffee Cooperative)

The Krakowska Kooperatywa Kawowa was founded by barista Marcin “Makiato” Wojciak in 2012. The main purpose was to create a platform for baristas and all those who cannot live without coffee to share their knowledge.

Even though “Makiato” has recently abandoned Krakow in favour of the TriCity, he still visits the city quite often and drops by his favourite places. He is especially nostalgic about Karma, the first cafe where he used to work, opened in 2000. There is no diet that would stop him from ordering a tart there. “Makiato” also appreciates the bustling and lively Wesoła, Tektura, where you can take part in cuppings and deepen your coffee education, Fika, Kazimierz’s Somnium and Blossom with decent food.

Weganie i wegetarianie Kraków (Vegans and vegetarians of Krakow)

The group, which has existed for almost a decade, was formed by a bunch of friends. They wished to make it easier for Krakow’s vegans and vegetarians to meet new people who share common values, and create a place where they can exchange information. Here you will find a list of vegan places in Krakow, from restaurants to hairdressers.

Your guides, Katarzyna Jarosz, Olga Knapik and Bartłomiej Bańkowski, who run the Wege Krakow profile on Facebook, strongly recommend visiting

  • Pod Norenami, a location serving Far Eastern vegetarian and vegan cuisine
  • vegan version of kebab in Vegab
  • wraps and toasted sandwiches in No Bones
  • cakes and tarts in the travel bookstore Bonobo,
  • delicious falafels, hummus and tea served in Mazaya Falafel, which will magically take you to the Middle East.
  • They also drop by the oldest vegetarian bar in Krakow, i.e. Momo, and spacious Smaki Roślinne.