Food events

Top Tip

The calendar of the hottest food events in Krakow is constantly evolving. So check out Facebook to find up-to-date information about the upcoming editions of events.

Krakow has been hosting events devoted to plantbased cuisine (Veganmania), craft beer (among others, Beerweek, One More Beer Festival), coffee (Festiwal Kawy), cocktails (World Class Cocktail Festival) or wine (among others, Enoexpo, Confetti Wine Fest). Since quite recently, culinary art has also been included in the programme of music festivals — just take a look at the agenda events accompanying the Opera Rara Festival. A great source of information about the culinary life of Krakow are the websites: and Kraków Foodie, run by the Jedlingi group leaders, and the calendar posted on the Z widelcem po Krakowie blog.

Art & Food Bazar

Once a month (from April to October) you can spend the entire Sunday at the Old Kleparz, tasting seafood and drinking wine. This lowkey event attracts a group of faithful, regular visitors who organize real picnics on Kleparz’s tables.

Najedzeni Fest!

The biggest food event in Krakow. Major editions, bringing together over 60 exhibitors, usually take place in Forum Wydarzeń; smaller ones, in turn, travel throughout the city and are devoted to different versions of ethnic cuisines or particular products (we especially recommend Po ziemniaki! in Stary Kleparz held in September).

Food Truck Festival

Food trucks from all over Poland regularly park by the Galeria Kazimierz and feed hungry Krakow citizens all week long.

Restaurant Week

Twice a year (in April and October), several dozens of Krakow restaurants serve their signature three-course menu at a promotional price of 49 PLN. It’s a perfect excuse to explore new locations in Krakow.

Fine Dining Week

In winter and summer, the top restaurants in Krakow proudly present the mastery of their chefs. For just PLN 129, you can enjoy a five-course sample menu and let your palate explore the essence of fine dining and restaurant art.

Krakowskie Zapusty (Krakow’s Zapusty)

At the end of the carnival, go fat and boisterous. At Zapusty you will fry angel wings together, watch cooking shows, taste sweets from Krakow’s confectioneries and eat your fill.

Święto Obwarzanka (Obwarzanek Feast)

The Krakow’s inhabitants’ beloved snack has recently been granted its own feast. At Small Market Square, you will learn how to make obwarzanek and taste meals prepared by students of culinary schools.

Piknik Krakowski (Krakow Picnic)

All enthusiasts of outdoor dining will be happy to know that during warmer months (from June to September) Krakow hosts the Piknik Krakowski. The picnic roams through Krakow’s parks on Saturdays and Sundays, every day in a different place, so you simply can’t be bored with it. During picnics you can purchase top quality products and take part in workshops and shows.

Jarmark Świętojański (St John’s Fair)

The three-day event demonstrates what craftsmanship looked like in the Golden Age. It is also a perfect opportunity to chat with experts in culinary reconstruction and learn how they used to dine in Krakow centuries ago. And, of course, you can taste delicacies inspired by old recipes.

Festiwal Pierogów (Dumpling/Pierogi Festival)

In mid-August, the Mały Rynek becomes the largest dumpling restaurant worldwide. You can sample more than a hundred kinds of dumplings and take part in cooking workshops.

Krakowski Festiwal Młodego Wina (Krakow Young Wine Festival)

The festival showcases wines from Krakow’s Winnicy Srebrna Góra and refers to the tradition of opening the first bottles of wine from a given vintage on 11 November, i.e. the day of St. Martin, patron saint of the harvest and winemakers. While enjoying the wine, you can of course try goose dishes and excellent local products.