Green Krakow

The vegetarian and vegan map of Krakow is being continuously updated with new locations.

The fastest way to find out about them is to follow on Facebook the group Weganie i wegetarianie Kraków (Vegans and vegetarians of Krakow), whose leaders will guide us through the green side of the city.

One of the group members’ favourite locations is Pod Norenami restaurant (Krupnicza 6), opened in 2013. Here you will find Asian cuisine with products that imitate the taste and texture of meat. In the recently opened No Bones (Bracka 15), you can enjoy vegan and glutenfree pizza, delicious vegan dinner or popular casseroles and wraps — also in glutenfree version.

Drop by a travel bookstore Bonobo (Mały Rynek 4) to taste vegan cake and tart and beer from local breweries. For Krakow’s best vegan fast food, head to Vegab (Starowiślna 8), a meatfree challenge to the kebab, and great Mazaya Falafel (several locations), where you’ll eat perfect falafels and hummus. Polish cuisine in vegan version is served in Sufeat (Długosza 2), where you can enjoy delicious dumplings, vegan “pork chops” and many other traditional Polish dishes. For an affordable dinner, head for the Smaki Roślinne bistro (Smoleńsk 27) – with daily offer including a soup, two main dishes and something sweet to choose from. You should also visit the oldest vegetarian canteen in Krakow, namely the Momo bar (Dietla 49), that serves Indian cuisine: dosas, samosas, curry and salads which you can use to compose your own lunch. And the posters hanging on the walls will inform you about yoga classes or meetings of local activists.

Ka Udon

(Rakowicka 14 a)

Uncompromising, minimalistically designed place where you can get a delicious vegan udon (vegetarians can add an egg to it). Ka Udon’s owner also runs Karma, one of the best cafes and coffee roasting houses. He is passionate about all these places and has a similar commitment to quality. If you are going to be here only once, you need to taste seasonal udon, tempura and pickles. And if, by any chance, you still have some room left for dessert — and as they say there is always room for dessert — order some homemade ice cream.

Hummus Amamamusi (Beera Meiselsa 4)

Once you get in here, you’ll feel like you’re in someone kitchen. Hummus Amamamusi is a tiny bistro that serves more than 20 types of hummus, including local specialties such as suska sechlońska (smoked plum) or pickled cabbage from Charsznica. You can also try the version with horseradish, bear garlic or caramelized apple. Hot meals include masabah, menemen, Matzah brei and selection of soups. Ask for coffee in a cezve and take home with you not only a cup of chickpeas paste, but also a small jar of delicious fruit preserve.

Massolit (several locations)

There are a number of Massolits in the city, each of them is worthwhile visiting. In Bakery & Cafe (Smoleńsk 17) you’ll have a cup of coffee, enjoy delicious cakes, salads, bagels and a different lunch every day. Visit beautiful interiors of Massolit Cooks (Jozefa 25) to enjoy breakfast or lunch, while Massolit Books & Cafe (Felicjanek 4) will provide you with some space to read a book, have a cake and a cup of tea. The youngest childin the family is Massolit Bakes (Targowa 3) – a bakery where you can have a bagel or sandwich. Massolit is also a great placeto order a birthday cake or cake. And cheesecakes are just incredibly delicious!

Hariprasad Samosa & Curry

(Józefa Dietla 45)

A tiny, charming place. While standing in line, you can almost look over the chef’s shoulder and watch chapati turn brown. Every day you can have a different, always fresh and aromatic dinner here. The place is reasonably priced: samosas cost a few zlotys, for dhal or curry with rice and chapati you will pay a dozen or so zlotys. You can take food to go, sit in the arcade and admire tattoo designs in the neighbouring studio, or talk about Polish design with the owner of the Miejsce shop.


(Józefa 36)

A quiet place for a lazy breakfast, a light lunch or a date with a book. Labneh, hummus, salads and soups will take you to Israel for a moment. Crown your journey with a coffee served with spices and brewed in a metal finjān. Stay tuned and check out the Cheder profile for the next Shabbat breakfast!

Turlaj Klopsa

(al. Juliusza Słowackiego 3)

Base, gravy and meatloaf — this is a short description of this foodtruck menu. Multiply this simplicity three times, as there are so many bases to choose from (rice, groats and vegetables), gravies and meat loafs. Culinary math gives you 27 combinations. Ideally, you should take a sleek box with you and indulge in its contents in the Park Krakowski! And don’t you forget about the dessert!