Strong in spirit(s)

Krakow’s nightlife has become truly legendary. Since the Middle Ages, the town’s authorities have been struggling to curb the hedonistic tendencies of both the city’s inhabitants and visitors. We will show you the places where liquor gourmets head for.

A centuries-old tradition of beer brewing in Krakow and its immediate vicinity has been continued nowadays by craft breweries, such as: Pracownia Piwa, Brokreacja, Piwojad and Twigg. There are also a number of specialist beer shops and tapbars in Krakow that sell beer brewed by small breweries located outside of Krakow, too (including Ursa Maior (pl. Wolnica 10), or terrific Miejscówka, owned by Trzech Kumpli – Browar Lotny brewery in Podgorze).
Our communities especially recommend Omerta (Kupa 3), Weźże Krafta (Dolnych Młynow 10), Craftownia (św. Wawrzyńca 22) and Multi Qlti (Szewska 21).

Enthusiasts of wine and interesting destinations should visit Lipowa 6F / Krakó Slow Wines in Zabłocie, where you can eat well and enjoy wines and ciders. The venue offers a great selection of wines from Central and Eastern Europe. With wine, Subcarpathian proziaki — soda bread — is a must. In Kazimierz, you can choose from BARaWINO (Mostowa 1), Czarna Owca (Dajwor 20), and a newly established wine bar Lustra (Bocheńska 5), run by the owner of Magazyn Wina (level -1 at the Forum Hotel; it is worth dropping by for tastings organized here). While in the old town, visit Stoccaggio (Krupnicza 9), and if you love natural wines, you should go shopping at Joseph (Naturaliści, Nowa 0), or stop by Żonglerka (Syrokomli 20), a tiny venue buzzing and bustling with cultural life of the Zwierzyniec quarter. You will also have some good tea and some of the best sandwiches in Krakow. You should also check the Facebook profile of Stowarzyszenie Kobiety i Wino – its lady members hold regular meetings.

Speaking of speakeasy establishments — only two secret addresses do count in Krakow. In Mercy Brown (Straszewskiego 28) you’re going to go back to Prohibition times and watch the burlesque. In Z ust do ust (you’ll find directions on the bar’s website) you’ll feel the vibes of the 1990s and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Getting into these haunts alone will be a lot of fun for you, but we won’t spoil the surprise. And for some great cocktails, come over to Kraina Szeptów (Izaaka 1) or TramBar (Stolarska 5).