We are delighted to present the first German Facebook Community City Guide!

On Facebook, we share ideas and discover new things ­– this also applies to the city in which we live. In Facebook groups, we come together to share common interests and hobbies.

We have designed this Facebook Community City Guide together with people who regularly exchange ideas about Leipzig in local Facebook communities and are constantly exploring new corners of the city. Leipzig has so much to offer: You receive insights and insider tips for beautiful and exciting places within the city, learn stories that make this city so lovable and can rediscover Leipzig from the perspective of five different Facebook groups and pages, according to the motto: from the community, for the community.

Tradition and modernity come together in the Saxon city. In addition to a long history as a trade fair, university, and commercial city, art and culture are as much at home here as sports, shopping and culinary art. No matter whether you are a native or non-native to Leipzig or are exploring the city as a tourist, our guide will take you to extraordinary places within the city.

For example, have you explored the Karl-Heine-Kanal on a stand-up paddle board? Or captured the unique scenery of the Buntgarnwerke in pictures? You can experience this and more with the help of our guide for Leipzig.

We invite you to discover Leipzig and explore new corners of the city with us.

Have fun exploring!

Your Facebook Germany Team

FYI: We have already teamed up with Facebook groups around Europe in Lisbon, Bordeaux and Seville. This resulted in City Guides presenting the cities from the perspective of the groups. However, this guide is the first project of its kind in Germany, but Leipzig will surely not be the last city we explore together with the Facebook community. Leipzig’s partner cities Krakow and Lyon will also have their own Community City Guides.