Beautiful Gohlis

Schiller is one of the most famous personalities that has ever lived in Gohlis. The farmhouse where Schiller lived and wrote, among other things, the first version of the poem “Ode To Joy” is the oldest surviving house in the district. Thanks to the Leipzig Schiller Association, which established a memorial here in 1841, you can still walk on his paths and explore the poetic spirit around his former residence.

In addition, Gohlis has other historical highlights to offer that are worth a visit – especially the Gohliser Schlösschen. The summer palace in a playful Rococo style was built in 1755/56 by the Leipzig councilman Johann Caspar Richter and today is used primarily for events, exhibitions and concerts. And that’s not all: In Gohlis in the 19th century, the largest cable car factory under the German engineer and company Adolf Bleichert was established. Tours allow you to experience the history of the industry on site and visit, among other things, the administrative building and Bleichert’s villa “Hilda” – today known as Budde House.

In the south, Gohlis also directly borders the Leipzig Auenwald, one of the largest alluvial forests in Europe, as well as the Leipzig Zoo. You can see giraffes, zebras and ostriches even without a zoo ticket at the zoo shop window, and there is a lot of barbecuing here in summer.

In addition to the whole history that Gohlis has to offer, there are corners that are largely undiscovered, but worth a visit. Our Facebook groups can show you what these are.


Eisenacher Straße 72

The Werkcafé on the site of the former Symphonionwerke serves delicious coffee as well as music and culture and is aimed primarily at families. There are regular concerts and theater performances for young and old.

Mon-Fri 1pm-7pm

hart & herzlich

Georg-Schumann-Straße 130

True to the motto “swimming against the tide”, the patisserie offers a combination of classic craftsmanship and modern elements of a pastry shop. Fresh ingredients, fancy designs and daily freshly baked goods make the hearts of cupcake lovers beat faster.

Tues-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm


Schillerweg 36

The former 19th century drugstore is now a restaurant & wine bar – but it kept its name (Drogerie in German). Today the restaurant offers 40 seats in French flair, daily changing dishes, regional and international wines as well as an offer of finest international distilleries.

Mon-Thurs from 6pm, Fri-Sat from 5.30pm

le caphe

Georg-Schumann-Straße 130

Le caphe is the first and only Vietnamese café in Leipzig. They serve daily homemade Vietnamese coffees, small dishes, desserts and daily specials made from fresh ingredients.

Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm, Fri-Sun 10am-7pm


In Rosental, on the edge of Gohlis, you can climb a very special viewing platform: the Wackelturm. And that does not mean it was called this by accident, because even the smallest gust of wind sets the tower in motion. Hold on tight! The zigzag path to the top is worthwhile. Here you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of Leipzig – and completely free of charge.


Lützowstraße 19

The Budde House is a socio-cultural center that focuses on art, culture and encounters for young and old. At regular intervals you will find cultural highlights and diverse events such as readings, concerts, theater performances and lectures. In addition to the event venue, the site includes a creativity workshop in the summer house, a sculpture garden with changing wood sculpture exhibitions and a beer garden, which is very inviting on warm summer evenings.

GeyserHaus Parkbühne

The GeyserHaus Parkbühne is the perfect place in the summer to experience musical live acts, summer theaters, recitals, classical concerts or other diverse events with friends and family surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.


The Gohlis district allows you to immerse yourself in the green of the Leipzig Auwald – one of the largest remaining alluvial forests in Central Europe. The green belt runs from the north of Leipzig to the south and covers about 2500 hectares of green space. A short walk leads along the Großer Rosentalteich to the Leipzig Zoo. On a larger exploration tour, you will encounter Lake Ausee with the historic park railway, the old Leipzig canopy crane and the Nahleberg on the Luppedamm, from which you have a magnificent view over Leipzig.

Gohliser Schlösschen

The Gohliser Schlösschen is a gem of Saxon cultural history. Built as a summer palace by councilman Johann Caspar Richter, it enchants visitors with its Rococo elements. Today, coffee and cake are served in the former bowling alley of the castle.

Jeepney Café

Georg-Schumann-Straße 78

Eating together with friends and relatives is a high priority in Filipino culture. The owners of the Jeepney successfully bring their attitude to life – not only with their freshly imported coffee and cocoa beans from the Philippines.

Mon+Wed-Sun 9am-7pm