A guide from some of Facebook’s communities

Facebook can reflect our personal lives. It’s a place we connect with friends and family, and to things that inspire us. It contributes to our culture and how it continues to live and grow.

With a rich social and urban history, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has become a city that is is full of verve, where new brands are popping up in historical neighbourhoods, creating new hotspots for tourism, business and innovation. To help showcase both sides of Lisbon, we have divided this guide into two: Traditional Lisbon and Contemporary Lisbon.

This guide is Lisbon as curated by a collective of Facebook communities. These communities have chosen where and how to see the city, through dedicated Facebook Pages and Groups, for each recommendation.

These are the stories of real people, with a passion for art, sports, food, innovation and for the neighbourhoods they live in. People who are divided between past and present, but above all else, as a collective, passionate about Lisbon.