Cosmopolitan Food

Multicultural restaurants by Cozinha Popular da Mouraria

This project aims to improve the quality of life of Mouraria’s inhabitants, by sharing food from all over the world and constant social intervention. Thanks to this, it has become a true centre of learning and coexistence. Mouraria is, by definition, the most multicultural neighbourhood in Lisbon, so it’s the perfect community to help choose the city’s best international food.

Tentações de Goa

Rua de São Pedro Mártir, 23

After Vasco da Gama found the maritime route to India in the 15th century, the spices of Goa started to become accessible to Lisbon. Today, both curry and samosa (or in Portuguese, chamuças) are a part of the Portuguese lifestyle. In this restaurant tucked away in the narrow streets of Mouraria, you’ll find the home of Indo-Portuguese cuisine. Of course, it’s always very spicy.


Rua dos Cavaleiros, 53

Chinese food in LIsbon? Nobody ever thinks twice: if you want Chinese food you go to Mouraria, whether it’s a legal restaurant or one of the several underground restaurants: the improvised restaurants set up in houses of some members of the Chinese community. At Dong, you’ll find every ingredients that you would expect: from Tsingtao beer, Chop Suey with oyster sauce, Peking Duck, and Fried Banana.


Calçada de Santo André, 74

African immigration dug deep roots into Mouraria, and you can see that for yourself in this Angolan restaurant. It’s a meeting point for the community and the perfect place to try Moamba de Galinha.

Vegetarian food by Veggie Friendly Portugal

Veggie Friendly Portugal is a page for anybody interested in vegetarian food or the vegan lifestyle. Rita started out as a lacto-egg vegetarian before she became vegan. Now, she and her boyfriend António share their culinary experiences.


Alameda Santo António dos Capuchos

At the centre of Psi, one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon, is a gazebo that was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama himself. Candles, smells, herbal infusions and sometimes even an occasional sitar being played live: everything transports us to the flavours of Hindu and Korean inspiration. Dishes of note include Psi’s Thali, Korean Tofu Bowl and the Dan Dan Noodles.


Rua Cavaleiro de Oliveira, 42

If you ever feel like a home-cooked meal but don’t want to cook it yourself, this is the kind of family establishment where everything is made with lots of love. Add to that the warmth friendly smile with which you are greeted and the quality of the food and pastries. You can always trust the daily special as well as the chocolate and pineapple cakes.

Ao 26 Vegan Food Project

Rua Vítor Cordon, 26

Ao 26 Vegan Food Project is the proof that limiting yourself to vegetarian ingredients isn’t a limit at all. Here you’ll find dishes inspired by typical Portuguese cuisine, such as the Mushrooms à Bulhão Pato, Tofu with Broa, and theFrancesinha. Booking a table is mandatory.


Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 82A

Yoga, creativity and eating healthy are the messages that Karo and Lisa wanted to communicate when they opened this casual space with a menu that changes every month to suit the season and the season’s products. The owners also organise cooking workshops, yoga classes and meditation sessions.

In Bocca al Lupo

Rua Manuel Bernardes, 5

You can feel the Italian spirit in everything about this restaurant: from the wood oven to the Italian owner. It’s enough to make you believe that when you walk out of the door, you’ll find yourself lost in some backstreet in Rome. All the ingredients are 100% organic and we believe this to be the best pizza in the city.

New businesses by Lisboa NOSSA

This project collects the stories that make up the city’s narrative, and attempts to reverse current consumer trends. To achieve that, uses both the Facebook page and a smart city concept in which mobile devices allow visitors to interact with brands and with the vendor themselves.

Miss Can

Largo do Contador Mor, 17

Luís Ribeiro’s descendants have launched this brand to preserve their grandfather’s canning fish technique. These canned fishes are heavily seasoned and tell a bit about Portuguese culture.

Damage Inkorporation

Rua do Telhal aos Olivais, 15

This tattoo studio with its alternative culture energy is Sérgio’s dream. Sérgio, who was born to draw, opened this studio, and bar, and occasional meeting place for national tattoo artists and professional body-piercers.

Poise Shaped

Rua da Rosa, 197

A design studio where the creation process does not suffer from the hassle and hurry of our modern age. Everything here is the work of Fernanda Pereira, a Portuguese stylist and designer. Sara and João’s Poise specialises in tailoring and fine leather goods.

House of São Bento

Rua de Borges Carneiro, 38

This isn’t simply bed & breakfast, it’s an ode to the whole of Portugal, with every room named after a Portuguese city. The iconic tram 28 runs right in front of this place, which is run by Tiago and Pedro.

Bars by Lisboa Secreta

Nelson Jerónimo Rodrigues is the editor of Lisboa Secreta, an online guide about the city that invites you to go out every day and discover all the great things that it has to offer.

Lux Frágil

Avenida Infante D. Henrique, Armazém A, Cais da Pedra

When it comes to nightlife and where to enjoy it, Lisbon’s most famous spot is Lux. All the urban tribes gather around one bar, one nightclub and one concert room, whereas the terrace overlooking the river is just a great bonus. Apart from the trendy atmosphere, the international artists and DJs that play here help set it apart from the rest.

Red Frog

Rua do Salitre, 5A

Inspired by old New Yorker speakeasies, it has a secret room and a menu with dozens of cocktails, from the classics (like the Old Fashioned) to some originals.


Avenida 24 de Julho, 68

This building has a long history in Lisbon’s nightlife: some iconic nightclubs like Kapital and MAIN used to be right here. MOME opened this year, with three different spaces: a club, a bar and a restaurant.