Modern neighbourhoods

Intendente by Bairro Intendente

This is a neighbourhood that has a really long history all of its own. It was recently revitalised, saving it from a period of very serious decay. Somewhere between past and present, this community of merchants and cultural projects aims to present all of Intendente’s many facets. They found it impossible to choose among dozens of projects, but here are a few.

Casa Independente

Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, 45

This artistic project in an old, reconverted building right in the heart of Intendente’s main square. This multidisciplinary cultural space, fosters and promotes connecting different audiences opened its doors in 2012. Besides concerts, exhibitions, workshops, artistic residences, recitals and soirées, you can also visit Tasca Tropical for a casual meal or some finger food.


Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, 21

Bike.POP promote sustainable mobility and using the bicycle as a means of transportation. It is open to the public, has a repair shop and organises events, sporting activities and training. You’ll also find specially designed and locally created urban furniture and unique bicycles.

Largo Residências / LARGO Café Estúdio

Largo do Intendente, 19

Aiming to help Intendente develop, LARGO organises several different activities and social enterprises to involve and include the community. The Café Estúdio is an example of a socially-conscious business, with its focus on sustainability. You’ll find a lot of cultural activities happening there, showcasing the artistic residences, as well as a regular schedule.

Marvila by Marvila: o bairro misterioso de Lisboa

“Is Lisboa cool?” was the question Beatriz, Débora and Filipa – co-founders of this page about Marvila – wanted to answer in their research for their postgraduate degree in Communication and Trends, at the Universidade de Lisboa’s Faculty of Arts. In the process they found Marvila, just as it was coming alive: a neighbourhood full of contradictions that manages to escape the touristic clichés.

Underdogs Gallery

Rua Fernando Palha, 56

The MURO festival invited artists from all around the world to exhibit their work on the walls of Marvila’s buildings, effectively transforming the entire neighbourhood into an open-air gallery. You’ll find works by artists such as Cix Murge, Hazul, Kobra and Miguel Brum. Another alternative is to go into the Underdogs Gallery, a space exclusively for street artists.

Café com Calma

Rua do Açúcar, 10

There is no better way to understand the local routine than to take a seat on one of these vintage armchairs, armed with coffee and a slice of cake. The same care that you feel was put into the decoration, you can also feel in the way that customers are treated. Some visitors form such a strong bond with the place that they make their own objects and bring it to the Café, to keep adding to its personality.

Dois Corvos Cervejeira

Rua Capitão Leitão, 94

A long time ago, the streets of Marvila were buzzing with movement and industry. Many factories have now been converted by creatives and entrepreneurs. What would the workers from those days think about a tap room, this half-beer brewery half-bar concept? That is a perfect subject to accompany a craft beer at Dois Corvos.

Capitão Leitão

Rua Capitão Leitão, 5B

Viviana and William, the owners of Capitão Leitão, invite you in as if you were at home. The space’s furniture was all salvaged from the garbage and carefully restored by the two of them. This restaurant reflects a lot of the energy of Marvila: it recycles objects from the past as it tells a new story.

Spot Real

Praça David Leandro da Silva, 13

The Spot Real is housed in old wine warehouses and its mission is to connect veteran parkour participants with people who are just starting out. The members were looking for a large place with a high ceiling, “to practise as if they were on the street” and Marvila’s warehouses were the ideal solution.

Parque das Nações by Sentir o Parque das Nações

Filipe Pontes, active political member of neighbourhood’s life, is just one of this page’s ten administrators. It aims to highlight the best of the neighbourhood but also to point out its biggest problems. They claim to have been the first group to successfully summon an emergency local assembly via Facebook.

Gare do Oriente Railway Station

Avenida Dom João II

A multimodal station, inaugurated in 1998 to attend Expo 98, the event that shaped the future of Parque das Nações. It connects Lisbon to the rest of the country via the train lines, and there is also the Oriente stop, from the Metropolitano de Lisboa. This modern architecture was a remarkable work of the Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava.

Lisbon Oceanarium

Doca dos Olivais

Lisboa has one of the best aquariums in the world. From the ramp where you begin this underwater journey, you’ll find temporary exhibits, distribution of animals by ocean, the ethereal lighting and care for all kinds of animals.

Pavilhão do Conhecimento

Largo José Mariano Gago

The perfect family experience. This contemporary science museum has plenty of activities to help children develop their cognitive functions by playing. It’s a place you can visit many times as the ever-changing exhibits give you the impression that you’re visiting it for the very first time.

Altice Arena

Rossio dos Olivais

The main concert venue in the capital. Names and events that have been here are as different as U2, the Eurovision Song Contest and the Web Summit, the famous technology conference that has been hosted in Lisbon since 2016.