The Lyon Tourist Office, a partner who brought vital support to this initiative. This hallmark backed Facebook from the very beginning of the project through to the printing of this guide, and is now key point where to get hands on it!

The Facebook communities, without whom this guide could never have seen the light. To make this project a success, they shared with us their infallible knowledge of Bordeaux, doing what they do all year round: helping, sharing, and making the discovery of the city an even more thrilling experience!

Wanted Community, a community that goes beyond the borders of the Internet. Boasting almost 750,000 members in France, among which 13,600 in the Lyon area, this mutual assistance group plays a vital role in building relationships and promoting exchanges.

Nicolas Dormont, photographer. The author of all the illustrations of this new guide, this reporter originally from Lyon perfectly captured and conveyed the beauty and the heritage of his beloved city through visuals full of life and emotions.

Laure Scheffel, Artistic Director. With her creative eye, this expert of the publishing industry helped us endow this guide with an elegant and energetic touch, translating brilliantly the role of Facebook: to unite, to bring together and to inspire.

This guide, that shines a light on Facebook communities’ favorite places in the Lyon region, is reflective of what we strive for: enabling each and every one of you to take the floor so that you can unite, federate and get involved. The community is every one of you. It is up to you to complement this guide so we can continue to write a story together, whilst discovering the various facets of a city in a unique and meaningful way.