Giving Back

By Wanted community in Lyon

The group has gathered members of the Wanted community in Lyon since 2015. In France and abroad, our 82 local groups today total about 1 million users that share values of mutual assistance and solidarity.


Boîte à Lire

Place Guichard, 3rd arr.

Designed to make culture accessible to everyone and promote social cohesion, those small street libraries allow people to drop books off or borrow some for free. Distributed across the city, one can find the closest book drop at

Frigo solidaire

40 rue Marietton, 9th arr.

This self-service, community fridge serves a single purpose: help people share resources while fighting against food waste. It is located on the sidewalk facing the restaurant Le Moulin, the latter enabling people to collect or give food to the destitute. In short, it provides a simple way to help the community!

Change de chaîne

2 Rue du 24 Mars 1852, 9th arr.

This participative bike workshop is open to all through an annual subscription on a pay-what-you-want basis. The teams supply the place, tips, tools and spare parts so that anyone can repair or improve their bikes. It is also possible to give a bike away, regardless of its condition. It will be repaired for the benefit of the association or help create value through the reclaiming of its spare parts!

Les Petites Cantines

The Petites Cantines (small canteens) aims to develop social cohesion at local scale and to promote sustainable nutrition. These neighbourhood refectories are accessible to all and enable the residents and employees of a specific area to eat together. The association gives buyers the freedom to pay what they want for the annual subscription and meals. In other words, this is the perfect way to get to know your neighbours!

Le Mowgli

27 Rue Capitaine Robert Cluzan, 7th arr.

Mowgli is a hybrid concept that serves a savory cuisine, while providing other services like wellness workshops. This place designed for living, sharing and eating was born of a desire to offer 100% home-made fresh market cuisine prepared with fresh, locally sourced and seasonal produce. The establishment also organises yoga classes and other activities alternating with lectures, exhibitions and even live sessions!