SKAM in the streets of Oslo

By SKAM Fanside. For deg over 20 år

Many of us were affected by the SKAM fever that hit the world throughout two intense years. Dedicated viewers waited in excitement for a new clip every day from the first episode aired on September 25th 2015, until the last scene on June 24th 2017.

The four-season series followed one main character, changing from season to season, and fans all over the world laughed, cried and immersed themselves into the teenage drama, creating a bittersweet recognition of the viewers’ own youth. Fans from all over the world has already flocked to Oslo to walk in the same streets as Noora, William, Eva and the rest of the gang from Hartvig Nissen high school.

Karoline Myklebust Sætre started the group during the interim break after the first season to meet a demand from adult fans wanting to discuss the series. The group served as a forum for deeper analysis and discussions around themes, dialogues and music – for those whom had already been through this period in their lives.

Oslo tips for fans of SKAM

Evita Espressobar

Smalgangen 14 at Grønland

In the fourth episode of season four, Sana and Noora drink tea at Evita Espressobar. Here you can enjoy the coffee of the day, espresso or what else you might find tempting, and they also serve small snacks if you are hungry. If you are on the run, you can grab a drink to go – or even buy your own equipment to become your own at home barista.

Hartvig Nissen high school

Niels Juels gate 56at Frogner

Hartvig Nissen, which is the school that the teenagers attend, actually exists in real life. Visit the schoolyard where William walks past Noora in slow motion or take a break on the bench where Isak and Even talk about their group meeting in Kosegruppa. Hartvig Nissen is located at Frogner, a quiet area of the city.

Sagene kirke

Dannevigsveien 17

In the last episode of season three, Isak attends a Christmas concert with his parents in Sagene kirke (Sagene church) where we get to experience the Norwegian singer Nils Bech singing ‘O Holy Night’ – a moment that stands among the series’ most iconic moments. The church is located in a nice, urban part of Oslo.

Sørenga Sjøbad

This is where Sana and Yousef go on a date in episode nine of season four. Sørenga Sjøbad is a partly floating bathing spot with a sand beach, diving board and benches located along Oslo’s new Harbour Promenade. It’s a very popular place – for both locals and tourists – to spend nice, hot summer days.