The happy vegan

by Veganpreik

More and more people choose vegan alternatives, whether it’s part of their lifestyle or conviction, or simply because it tastes good. Samuel Rostøl founded the group Veganpreik in November 2014, and the group is now counting more than 12,000 members. Samuel has several tips for those wanting to go on a tasting spree through Oslo’s best vegan food.

I actually became a vegan through the help I received in the group. I was a vegetarian when I started the group and became a vegan two months later. For me, that’s the best part of the group.

Vegan-friendly places in Oslo

Nordvegan in Kristian IV gate 15b.

This place has a lot of different dishes and their vegan food is amazing. The menu changes daily, so you can probably taste something completely new every day.

Mela Café

Mela Café in Mariboes gate 6offers a big, extra tasteful mezah menu with generous portions. The café also serves meat, catering to your entire friend group.

Funky Fresh Foods

Funky Fresh Foods in Hausmanns gate 16 serves varied, exciting and healthy food. If you’re into ecological, vegan and raw food – this is the place to visit.

Veggieshow, Vulkan– vis-à-vis Mathallen

Veggieshow is a new restaurant with a mostly vegan menu, currently being prepared to relaunch as 100 percent vegan. The menu includes homemade sausages, cheeses and sauces that is worth experiencing. Loving Hut is also a place worthy of your time. They have two restaurants with different menus – one is located in Fredensborgveien and one at St. Hanshaugen. Here you’ll find several dishes with meat substitutes like kebab, burgers, pizza and wok, which you can also order to go.