Under the surface

By UV-jakt Oslo

Have you ever considered what’s hidden underneath the surface of Oslo? Just ask the members of UV-jakt Oslo. Administrator Knut Kjærvik started the group in 2009 as an arena to schedule meetings with other underwater enthusiasts. The group consists of members that enjoy anything from free diving to photo enthusiasts and those who enjoy fishing.

You need to bring a friend or partner as it’s not allowed to dive alone. All you have to do is to write a post in the group asking if anyone would like to join you, and more often than not you’ll get an immediate response from someone that’s interested. Another nice thing about the group is that you’ll meet others with experience from different spots. In addition, people usually share information when they’ve been out diving. Thus, you’ll get regular updates on visibility and weather, Knut says.

Underwater tips in the Oslo area

Hvervenbuktais located at Bunnefjorden in the Oslo Fjord and one of the most popular beaches in Oslo with a beautiful view. It’s a nice place for an underwater experience – and on a good day you might even get to see some fish.

Ommen badeplass, at Nesoddtangen.

Ommen is an area on the west side of Nesodden. It has a lot of nice opportunities for bathing with a sand beach and coastal shore. This area is also well suited for camping and fishing.

On the other side of Drøbakyou can find a wall under water that originally was built to keep boats away. Take a swim alongside the wall – and experience the plenty of fish and other nice things under water.