Four-legged friends

by Tur og trening med hund – Oslo

Oslo is a lovely city for dogs with parks and green areas – all within the city center. And you don’t need to travel far to enjoy the forest or fields either. In 2017, Eileen Gærup started a Facebook group for people in the Oslo area that wanted to get together to walk their dogs or work out with their four-legged friends. Administrator Eileen plans and arranges monthly walks for the members.

The best part of the group is that dog enthusiasts can meet up and engage around their common interests. I arrange different walks every month, and we also have courses and trainings in the area. All events are published in the group and they are open to anyone who wish to join, she says.

Dog friendly tips for Oslo

Dog people in Oslo are often quite open and friendly. So if you need tips for where to take your dog or have other dog related questions, you’ll usually have no problem finding someone to ask.

If you need tips for hiking tours or areas suitable for walking your dog, you can just post your question in the group. There are also a lot of nice tips at