Oporto, a guide made by the Facebook community

Facebook tends to reflect our personal lives, the things that inspire us, our habits and our culture. Yet it is when we come together in communities, gathered in Facebook pages and groups, that we better understand how we hope to live in society.

Today, Oporto is a city at a particular buzzing point: it’s a tourist spot beloved by travellers from all over the world and, simultaneously, a space with a complex social and urban history. This guide reflects this day-to-day dichotomy, featuring both the communities that are fervently dedicated to the city’s forgotten history and those looking for the new spaces that are changing it. This project aims to show Oporto through this experience, by showing both of the city’s faces: “Traditional Oporto” and “Trendy Oporto.” It will give you a modern perspective of the city as well as the necessary historical context.

This guide shows Oporto as the Facebook communities see it. The communities themselves have chosen where and how to travel the city, through dedicated pages and groups for every topic. These are the stories of the people we see traveling around the city every day, who enjoy their free time investigating the topics that are closest to them, from philosophy to street food. Torn between past and future, these communities seek to impact the city in a positive way, always driven by passion for a place called Oporto.