Cosmopolitan cuisine

Francesinhas by “A Francesinha

Clóvis Alves confirms: every single time you talk about francesinhas, a huge discussion ensues immediately. In 2011, he decided to create a community with the single purpose of discussing what is the best francesinha in town. Today, he concludes that regardless of which francesinha is the best, Portugal deserves more recognition for inventing the dish.

Santa Francesinha

Praça dos Poveiros 72

Despite being in Poveiros Square, surrounded by the great monsters of the francesinha, Santa Francesinha stands out for serving a hamburger hybrid. Yes, it’s a francesinha and a hamburger at the same time. The sky’s the limit.


Rua de Passos Manuel 226

A constant presence in all the lists of the best francesinhas in town, Santiago earns prizes and praises all the time. The queue at the entrance, every day, is another constant. The recipe is classical, with slices of mortadella giving it an extra layer of taste.


Rua Capitão Pombeiro, 218

Inside the sandwich you’ll find no surprises, it’s more of the same. But it’s the outside that makes this francesinha special. Puff pastry replaces bread, the fries are homemade and the sauce is exquisite.

Francesinha Café

Rua da Alegria 946

This francesinha’s sauce is simultaneously spicy and mild: that is the first impression it makes. The smaller-than-usual sandwich uses thin slices of bread instead of the thick, typical ones, and tops it off with slices of cheese and ham. Inside the sandwich is mortadella, a rare steak and bacon.


Rua de Costa Cabral 2331

The cozy atmosphere pairs nicely with this crispy francesinha, with an option of adding ham and an extra spicy sauce. The difference in this sandwich is its “lid” – a slice of thick bread that covers the francesinha.

Brunch by “O Porto Cool

In 2007, Paulo Magalhães decided to create a community that would be able to serve as that friend who knows every corner of the city and who is always available to point out trendiest places in town.

Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

Praça de Carlos Alberto 86

The laid-back atmosphere and industrial-chic interiors are the hallmarks of this brunch. There are plenty of healthy options and everything is, of course, very instagrammable. The house specialty coffee accompanies pancakes, tapioca, smoothies and bowls.

O Diplomata

Rua de José Falcão 32

O Diplomata’s pancakes are inseparable from the city’s brunch movement. The success of the menu led to the opening of another restaurant with a variety of brunch menus and a cool Moroccan-inspired decor: O Consulado on Rua de Cedofeita 382.

Miss Pavlova

Rua do Almada 13

Brunch is not just a late breakfast: it’s a meal to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it. This concept is particularly well explored in Miss Pavlova’s Mr. Brunch, tucked away in one of the town’s trendiest shops.

Nola Kitchen

Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre 25

This sustainable dining restaurant uses no refined or processed ingredients. It offers three brunch menus that you choose based on how passionate you are about this timeless meal: “I Like Brunch”, “I Love Brunch” and “I Cannot Live Without Brunch.”

Vogue Café

Rua de Aviz 10

Elegant and sophisticated, this is the true cosmopolitan brunch. In this space with a modern interior design, the options are à la carte, with eggs, pancakes and bowls, accompanied by french toast, bagel and sweet quinoa.

Vegetarian food by “VeganHood

Sara Martins and Rita Duarte have an active role in Oporto’s vegetarian community. By hitting the streets, lecturing and leveraging their presence on Facebook, the two friends have spread veganism in northern Portugal. Today they are also fighting for animal rights by inviting everyone to take on the Vegetarian Challenge –

Apuro Vegan Bar

Rua do Breiner 236

The responsibility for ushering and welcoming guests in is Batisco’s, the cat that lends a warm atmosphere to this sustainable space. Craft beer goes with the best comfort food in town, and it’s all 100% vegetarian.

Vegana by Tentúgal

Rua Formosa 34-A

The shelves have an extensive variety of cruelty-free products, so it’s impossible to come in for lunch and leave with empty hands. In addition to groceries, it is a café with natural juices and toasts. The seitanas – seitan bifanas, are worth trying.

Remédio Santo

Rua do Campo Alegre 553

You’ll fall in love with this place and its exceptionally friendly owners. It gives you the impression that you are at the home of longtime friends. The kitchen here is famous for bringing together unexpected flavors.

O Burrito

Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade 90

The unpretentious meal here begins with quesadillas, followed by a board of humus and nachos. It ends, of course, with burritos.


Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 249

This vegetarian food empire already has seven venues in the city. The concept here is to present a basic buffet, which is everything but basic. It is known for its amazing recipes. The most recent DaTerra opened at Arrábida Shopping, an important step towards a greater presence of vegetarian food in malls and other mainstream venues.