Local trade

Historical cafes by “Viver no Porto

The city of Oporto and digital marketing are Fábio Sousa’s main interests, so it’s only natural that he decided to bring the two together and create a community. Born in the Invicta, he believes that there can be no rivalry between Oporto and Lisbon, because Oporto is so much better.


Rua Santa Catarina 112

With its marble façade and Art Nouveau décor, the Majestic is one of Portugal’s most famous cafes. Going inside takes you back to the Bélle Époque. In the roaring 20s, historical figures such as the pilot Gago Coutinho and actress Beatriz Costa were frequent patrons.


Avenida dos Aliados 85

In 1933, the Guarany was just another cafe on Avenida dos Aliados, that happened to be named after the Indians of South America. Today, it is the main reminder of a time when this avenue was the heart of the city.

A Brasileira

Rua de Sá da Bandeira 91

Oporto is a city of immigrants, too. In 1903, Adriano Teles arrived from Brazil and opened A Brasileira to sell ground coffee beans he imported from Minas Gerais and to give the city a novelty: drinkable coffee served in small cups.

Café Ancora de’Ouro (a.k.a. “O Piolho”)

Praça de Parada Leitão 45

Probably not many people know Ancora de’Ouro. But everyone knows the Piolho, but it’s exactly the same place. Students have always met in this historic cafe and they still do today. It is said that this was the first cafe in the city to have electric lighting.

Street markets by “Feiras do Grande Porto

Tiago Santos’ first street market was one of those moments of love at first sight. He could not stop himself from buying miniature cars, and when that collection outgrew the space available at his home, he decided to set up his own stall. Tiago created this community to help all street markets in Oporto.

Mercado Porto Belo

Praça Carlos Alberto

Porto Belo Market is one of the busiest street markets of the city. Every Saturday, from 10am, it’s known for its old records, books, wooden toys, natural cosmetics, jewelry and regional products like honey and herbs. Nearby, the Carlos Alberto Theater is worth visiting.


Praça do Marquês

The difference between MarketPlace-Casual Style and other street markets is its festive atmosphere, usually with concerts in the bandstand. It sells handicrafts and second-hand items, from clothing to furniture.

Brinquedo Antigo

Hotel Tuela Porto

If you love board games and toys, you’ll be tempted by this market. Stands sell old games and playthings that take you back entire generations. There’s a space just for collectors looking for newer things.


Rua de Miragaia 93

This Vintage Flea Market takes place every third weekend, occupying the former warehouse of Port producers Real Companhia Velha. This classic event of the Alfândega neighbourhood is perfect for lovers of anything vintage.

Feira da Vandoma

Avenida 25 de Abril

Vandoma Fair is a worthy mention in the group. This traditional flea market of second-hand items has existed for over 30 years. It used to be on Vandoma Road, where students would gather spontaneously and sell books and used pieces of clothing. It has been on Avenida 25 de Abril for the last three years.