Urban Tribes

Students by “Tuna de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

This Tuna – a traditional group of student musicians, is one of the oldest in Oporto as it has been turning engineering students into up-and-coming musicians since 1988. It is partly responsible for the buzzing music scene within the student community. They are always present at PortusCalle, an annual gathering of Tunas.

Teatro Sá da Bandeira

Rua de Sá da Bandeira 108

Although the oldest theater in the city receives all kinds of shows, it is always remembered by students as the stage of a yearly event called Sarau Cultural and, more importantly, of the International Festival of Tunas.

Jardim da Cordoaria

Campo dos Mártires da Pátria

The João Chagas Garden, popularly known as the Cordoaria, is an obligatory starting point for any student’s bohemian night, whether the first fino is enjoyed at the Piolho or at Adega Leonor. It’s also the starting point of the end-of-year parade of graduating students.

Espaço 77

Travessa de Cedofeita

One of the most popular bars among students is sete-sete, which has held the record for most mini-beers sold in Portugal for six straight years. Students insist that the menu always include a bagaço – pomace brandy, and the small bottle of beer called a Mini.

Bufete Rapide

Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade 304

Just like the restaurant Lusíada on Rua do Dr. Alfredo Magalhães, the Buffet Rapide is one of a few restaurants that regularly and patiently welcomes large groups of students. The prices are affordable and drinks are plenty.

Rua Heróis de França

You can always count on seeing students, dressed in black and serenading the clientele of Matosinhos’ popular seafood restaurants, near the Port of Leixões. Contributions received are invested in keeping the Tuna and its traditions alive.

The alternative music scene by “Som da Frente

Avant-garde, indie and alternative music: these are the sounds that occupy Pedro Lagoá’s head. Pedro started this community and organises its alt-rock parties.

Indústria Club

Avenida do Brasil 843

Specializing in Techno and House music, this is one of Oporto’s oldest nightclubs: a real rite of passage with over 30 years of dancing to it. It is on its celebrated Funktion-One sound system that Som da Frente organizes some of its parties.

Hard Club

Mercado Ferreira Borges

The Hard Club is inseparable from the city’s musical history. It has been in existence since 1997, first on the Gaia-side of the river, and, from 2010 onward, at Mercado Ferreira Borges. Despite this movement, it has kept the same management as always, among them Kalú, the iconic drummer of the Portuguese band Xutos e Pontapés.


Largo do Castelo, 13

Founded in 1972, this space remains a safe haven for truly alternative music and is still known today as a space for promoting new music.

Tendinha dos Clérigos

Rua Conde de Vizela 80

It is the quintessential underground space. The alternative rock music and eclectic programming have made this house an obligatory, final stopping point for night owls.

Entrepreneurial Oporto “Ideias à Moda do Porto

A diverse group of citizens, from architects to lawyers, was reflecting on the city’s future and decided to start a movement to develop it by debating creative ideas. First and foremost, this community is a group of individuals who dedicate their free time to impact the city positively.


Praça do Coronel Pacheco 2

An incubator dedicated to the development and exploration of creative industries like design, architecture and the visual arts. UPTEC contributed to making Colonel Pacheco Square the city’s creativity epicentre.

The Fownders House

Rua da Constituição 346

There are 22 offices spread across 1300 m2, mainly occupied by coworking B2B companies. This building used to be a police station, and there are still some cells you can visit.


Rua D. João IV 643

Dedicated to thinking and exploring the creative use of new technologies in areas such as architecture and engineering, this was the first FabLab in Portugal. It has contributed to developing a series of projects that always push the boundaries.

Porto Design Factory

Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida 537

This co-creation platform for interdisciplinary education, innovation and the acceleration of new ideas is also a catalyst for experiential education based on passion-based learning.

CRU Cowork

Rua do Rosário 211

This creative hub on the city’s artistic quarter draws companies and artists to a common coworking space. From entrepreneurs to designers, a network is established that fuels Oporto’s creative ecosystem.