Rotterdam is a metropolis with an edge. As the second largest Dutch city and the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is renowned for its down to earth workers’ mentality. ‘Niet lullen, maar poetsen’: in Rotterdam, you put your money where your mouth is. The reconstruction of the city after the bombing in World War II is another prime example of Rotterdam’s resilience and perseverance. And the hard work doesn’t stop there: Rotterdam is working hard to become a fully circular city by 2030, a place with smart use of materials and where waste no longer exists.

With over 170 nationalities living side by side, Rotterdam embraces everyone. The multitude of different cultures has fueled the city’s culinary wealth. But innovation and design also meet in Rotterdam. This mix makes Rotterdam an exceptional city with countless special places and hidden gems. And who better to tell you all about Rotterdam’s hotspots than members of local Facebook groups?

More than eight million Dutch citizens are members of at least one active Facebook group, bringing people together online – and often offline. There is a Facebook group for every hobby, region or challenge. Thanks to the accessibility of these groups, people are able to connect, learn something new, exchange ideas and help each other. 

The Rotterdam Facebook Community City Guide curates tips from local Facebook groups, allowing you to discover the bustling port city through the eyes of the locals. They share their favourite restaurants, bars and walking routes. They also tell you about the local nightlife, sustainable shopping, architecture and the port of Rotterdam.

Due to the COVID-19-crisis, things are different from normal. Make sure to inform yourself about the most up-to-date government guidelines and ensure your visit is in line with official measures. Many of the businesses and organisations mentioned in this guide look forward to your visit, as we continue to support local businesses.

Welcome to Rotterdam. Facebook and the people of Rotterdam wish you a fantastic stay.

Enjoy the city, but enjoy it safely. Please follow the official guidelines and safety precautions. Visit the official Dutch government website for the most up-to-date information: