The Great Outdoors

By Facebook groups Mopsenwandelingen Rotterdam and Plantenasiel Rotterdam.

Green is more than just the color of the Rotterdam flag: the city also has a beautiful green outdoors. Rotterdam has a special balance, combining the skyline as a backdrop and the water close by, wherever you are. But you’ll find the great Rotterdam outdoors also extends to quite unexpected places. In addition to walking routes in city parks, on city beaches and in the port area, Rotterdam is also proud owner of the largest roof field in Europe, with its own beehive and fantastic views of the city. Local Facebook groups share hidden green gems – and the favourite walking routes of the Rotterdam pugs (and their owners).

Park with trees, people sitting down.
Photo: Iris van den Broek

Walking with (or without) the dog

One of the top dog-friendly routes according to the communities lies in the Vroesenpark, where dogs can run off the lead during the winter.

Essenburgpark is also popular among the locals. Because of the way the park is laid out, with lots of water and greenery, it feels like walking in the Dutch Biesbosch national park.

The Tweede Maasvlakte, part of the Rotterdam port area, is also a great option for getting a bit of fresh air, with or without the dog.

Or go to the Kralingse Bos, the forest just outside the city center, for beautiful walks with your four-legged friend.

Finally, the communities recommend the surrounding beaches of
‘s-Gravenzande, Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen. If you want to take your dog for a walk, don’t forget to check which time of year your furry friend is allowed on the beach.

We meet with all pug owners to walk our dogs in Rotterdam and surrounding areas. Our favourite places are the beaches and the city parks.

Eva Blom
Mopsenwandelingen Rotterdam

Plantenasiel Rotterdam is a close-knit community of nearly 7,000 plant lovers. The group’s regional focus is key, as you don’t have to cross the country for a plant.

Raymond Landegent
Plantenasiel Rotterdam

The plant lovers from Facebook group Plantenasiel Rotterdam share their favorite green corners of the city. Such as De Groene Oase, a communal garden in Rotterdam Charlois. Its founders believe everyone should have greenery nearby; the outdoors connect people. For green with a view, go to Op het Dak. On the seventh floor you will find this special urban rooftop garden with its own unique restaurant. Did you know their bees produce real Rotterdam city honey?

Trompenburg Tuinen and Arboretum is another hidden oasis in the heart of Rotterdam where you’ll also find the Voedselbos, a place where education and recreation in the field of nature and food meet. Another must-visit is the Historische Tuin Schoonoord, a unique part of the green heritage of Rotterdam. The garden is home to eight bee colonies, Japanese carp, kingfishers and a tawny owl. At Tuinvereniging Zestienhoven, you will find different gardens, such as a medicinal herb garden, but also a stork’s nest and an insect hotel. De Kas is also high on the list. This city nursery values biodiversity, connection and accessibility. De Kas contributes to the development of ecological greenery and plays a connecting role between initiatives and local residents.

De Schat van Schoonderloo is an idyllic neighborhood park with four different gardens and is managed by local volunteers. Situated in the Schiebroekse park, Natuurtalent includes a herb garden, chickens, a beekeeper, a nature playground, tea house with an outside terrace – and much more. And don’t forget Drrroomland in Rotterdam Hillegersberg: sustainable, small-scale, organic horticulture. Drrroomland is popular for its beekeepers, chickens and peace and quiet. The gate opens to visitors on weekends.