Books, Poetry and Recitals

By Poesía en Sevilla

This group shares poems and organizes poetry-related events: recitals, book presentations, readings, open-mikes, informal talks, etc. Poetry is certainly not dead in Seville.

La Carbonería

C/ Céspedes 21

Though more well-known and visited for its flamenco shows, La Carbonería has been one of the city’s cultural pillars since it was founded in 1976, organizing recitals, homages and presentations practically every week. Since the outset, its owners have been firmly committed to music and literature, especially to poetry. And they demonstrate this commitment by opening their doors to both individual artists as well as cultural associations and publishers, promoting all these activities.

La Jerónima

C/ Jerónimo Hernandez, 14

La Jerónima, the city’s first “book tavern” opened in 2015. It specializes in craft beer and self-published books. It is a place for beer, book and art lovers to come together thanks to its ongoing program of poetry recitals, book presentations, art and photography exhibits, scientific talks (known as “Las Jeronimadas”), etc. It is also a bookshop where you’ll find work by individual authors, associations and small publishing houses. Its owners, Eva and Pilar, plan and promote the different events.

La Señora Pop

C/ Amor de Dios, 55

Since the end of 2015, La Señora Pop offers what its owners call a “different concept”. It looks retro and features music from the 80s and 90s as well as sofas that could have been your grandparents’ though with superhero posters above and other unique details. Events include concerts by groups and singer-songwriters in one corner and televised soccer matches in an other, as well as open-mic sessions for poets, plays, improv theater and even flamenco. Culture is limitless, and so is La Señora Pop’s stage.