Street Art

Tips from Albina Motor and the Street Art Institute

Route Through The Primorsky District

Start at Komendantsky Prospekt metro station and check out works that were created as part of a festival on a huge wall with “pieces” of graffiti. Dozens of artists participated in the international Meeting of Styles project in 2007 and together “grew” this huge tree. Check it out while it’s still there! Address: Prospekt Shuvalovsky 46 (intersection of Shuvalovsky Prospekt and Planernaya Ulitsa).

Then head towards Parashutnaya Ulitsa and Korolev Prospekt and see the old “hall of fame”, i.e. the fences along the garages where local and visiting graffiti artists express their creativity. And just around the corner, literally a few meters from the “hall of fame” you will see huge murals on 24-storey buildings. These murals are a project by the Graffiti residential complex, which invited street artists to decorate the new buildings.

Mayakovskaya – Nekrasova Route

Here you can see one of the most interesting works of street art dedicated to historical figures: Pasha Cas made a portrait of Daniil Kharms on the building where the poet and writer lived.

Route Around Vasilyevsky Island

The oldest mural in Russia is called Water is Life. It is located on the intersection of Malyy Prospekt Vasilyevskogo Ostrova and Gavanskaya Ulitsa.

Also check out what’s remaining from the Festival of Creative Stickers in 2015 on Uralskaya Ulitsa 1. The festival was organized by street artists who agreed with the owner of an abandoned building to start the project, cleaned all the garbage and collected and displayed hundreds of stickers, posters and pieces of graffiti from artists from around the world.