City’s Heart

Recommendations from Sevkabel Port, a project to create a cultural and business space on the site of the industrial complex in the region of St Petersburg’s marine embankment

Fontanka Embankment 5

The Pig Snout gallery

An underground favourite for the Petersburg art scene. Experience non-conformism, absurdity and satire. Exhibitions change every 2-3 weeks and it’s best to keep track on the gallery’s page.

Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment

A much-loved spot for residents of the Vasileostrovsky District. The infinitely long and beautiful embankment is perfect for walking at sunset, watching the cruise liners and exploring the Krasin icebreaker. And even from afar you can see the shipyards where today’s giants of shipbuilding are being built.

Kanonersky Island

is ideal for those who are tired of the touristy Petersburg. The new Western High-Speed Diameter bridge, stadium, Admiralty Shipyards, concrete, iron, impressive liners and endless expanses of the Gulf of Finland. Everywhere you look, the views are amazing and unexpected for St Petersburg.