Above the City

with PanoramicRoof

The true view of St Petersburg can be found from its historic rooftops. The famous cathedrals, cozy courtyards, monuments and even normal buildings look different from above. Here you are away from the hustle and bustle; it’s just the sky and the spirit of the city. Safety on such tours is vital, so make sure to choose an excursion that allows you to explore the rooftops without any danger. PanoramicRoof will give tips on how best to do that.

1. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the defense towers that were built across St Petersburg at the end of the 30s and early 40s – there were some 180 in total.

2. Recently street artists have started using the towers as art objects and have painted them, which gives the city a fairly fresh look.

3. The first such painted tower appeared in the beginning of May 2014 in the courtyards on Ligovsky Prospek.

4. The tower was named the Tardis because it was painted in the style of the phone booth from Dr. Who. The address is Ligovsky Prospekt 65.